Steal the words and steal your spot on the charts in WordHeist

Word Heist App Demo

Word Heist App Demo

While there’s tons of word games on the app store you’re sure to become board with the same monotonous tile based gameplay. Though many app developers seem to always borrow the same game styles, the new app “WordHeist” revolutionizes the word game genre. Create as many words as possible with the letters given in the allotted time but be careful because your opponents will try to steal your words for more points. It’s a race against the clock and your opponents in this fast-paced competitive adventure.

After launch users are greeted by a menu that is both welcoming and easy to get novice or advanced word game players ready to start. “WordHeist” offers three fun based game modes for all players to challenge themselves with and enjoy; live, turn-based and practice. Keep track of your skill rank, longest word and latest achievements and games on the bottom of the screen. Make sure your friends are ready for an intense competition because from here the fun is only a tap away.

“WordHeist” brings a new sort of fun to the word game genre each round begins with players having a certain amount of time to create words from the word given. In each game players go head to head against three other players. While each player tries to earn the most amount of points from their board players will find that the true trick comes into play when players can steal words that other players have used. Each word is worth more points the longer it is. It’s addicting, it’s creative, and most importantly it’s a refreshing time of fun.

Become a word thief and show your friends that you’re the best of the best. Following each game players are shown their rank against their best friends, foes and the rest of the world. Pay close attention to your rank and play, play, play and you may become the best word thief in the whole entire world.

Available in the App Store “WordHeist” is available for free for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

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