Spotworld – App Review

Spotworld - App Review

Spotworld - App Review

AppDictions App Review
SpotWorld merges travel guide and social networking to offer a fun way to explore your town or someone else’s!  Simply enter a town, city, attraction, or landmark into the search tool and Spotworld will give you a brief history and explanation about that search.  When searching for a town or city, Spotworld will also display all the spots that are in and around that town/city, with pictures, other interactive media, and tips to get the most out of your visit!  Register with Spotworld to create itineraries, view popular itineraries, contribute pictures, tips, and ratings for locations, mark spots that you have been to, and view these locations on a map.  Friends who are also signed up with SpotWorld can share the same kind of information and you can create friendly competition to see who has been to more places, created new itineraries, and has checked in to more places!  With over 500,000 “spots” worldwide, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to embark on a new adventure with SpotWord!


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SpotWorld is a free, social travel guide of the entire world. Discover and learn about the best spots to visit in any destination and interact with community-generated itineraries. You can also track and share your travel experiences in a fun way.


  • View interactive multimedia (photos, audio readings, text articles) about over 500,000 spots all over the world, including all top attractions
  • See interesting spots around your current location in the “Near Me” experience
  • Contribute photos, tips, and ratings to SpotWorld to make it even better for the entire community
  • Interact with multiple map views of spots near you, itineraries, and destinations


  • Discover fun, community-generated “Popular Itineraries” that you can use and “like”
  • Create your own itineraries on the fly and save them on your phone. Keep them private, or share them with friends
  • Publish your awesome itineraries for the entire SpotWorld community to enjoy!


  • “Check-In” to share your current location with friends and play a fun, location-based travel game with your friends and other users
  • Mark that you’ve “Been there” at places you’ve traveled to, and see your and your friends’ “Been There’s” on a map
  • Connect with your friends to share where you’ve been during your travels


  • The large majority of SpotWorld’s content is free. You can purchase additional premium content, a set of hundreds of insightful articles and audio readings from locals, for SF and NYC.

SpotWorld Inc. is a San Francisco-based mobile media company that brings an awesome and rich interactive guide experience to world’s most desirable destinations. Please visit our website at and email us a!

NOTE: SpotWorld is optimized for iOS 4.0 and higher

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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