Sportworld Global Social Travel – App Review

Sportworld Global Social Travel - App Review

Sportworld Global Social Travel - App Review

AppDictions App Review
When venturing out into the vast, unknown world (or as most people call it; going on vacation) it is always a good idea to have a handbook, so you know a bit about what to do and where to go. At times though, those bulky travel books can be a bit of a pain to carry around and awkward to flick through the pages trying to find what you’re looking for. That is where SpotWorld comes in. Spotworld has all of the information of thousands of books and much more.

Spotworld is pack with features. For one, it automatically finds your location and picks out attractions near you, and even tells you how popular they are and how much they cost. The popularity is based on how many people using SpotWorld have been there. There is even a great feature that allows you to check in using FaceBook. Spotworld provides you with an impressive map for determining the location of each POI (though on the list view it gives you a distance in miles) and you can switch between a standard map and hybrid – very handy.

Add the ability to search for destinations before you go and you have SpotWorld – the ultimate travel guide!


iTunes Description
SpotWorld is a free, social travel guide of the entire world. Discover and learn about the best spots to visit in any destination and find cool, community-generated itineraries. You can also track and share your travel experiences in a fun way.

Get the #1 travel app in 16 countries, Top 5 travel app in over 45 countries! Selected as “New and Noteworthy,” “What’s Hot,” and “Staff Favorites” on the App Store.

A handy tool for creating itineraries quickly and keeping them in the palm of your hand.
–USA Today

[SpotWorld’s] social networking app lets users find places to visit in some of the most world’s most popular destinations”
— Wall Street Journal

I wish I’d had SpotWorld on a recent trip to New York City. It would have come in handy. It’s worth adding to your arsenal of iPhone travel apps.
–America Online (AOL News)

  • Find the best spots to visit in popular destinations all around the world
  • Learn about over 500,000 different spots, including all top attractions, through interactive media (photos, audio readings, and text articles),
  • Discover fun, community-generated “Popular Itineraries” in the world’s top destinations
  • Create your own itineraries and save them in the app. You can choose to share them with friends or publish them to the entire SpotWorld community
  • See cool spots around your current location in the “Near Me” experience
  • Mark that you’ve “Been there” at places you’ve traveled to, and see your and your friends’ “Been There’s” on a map
  • Connect with your friends to share where you’ve been during your travels
  • Contribute photos, tips, and ratings to SpotWorld to make it even better for the entire community
  • The large majority of SpotWorld’s content is free. You can purchase additional premium content, a set of hundreds of insightful articles and audio readings from locals, for SF and NYC.
  • Note that the app is optimized for iOS 4.0 and higher; we do not recommend installing it on devices with iOS 3.x

SpotWorld Inc. is a San Francisco-based mobile media company that brings an awesome and interactive guide experience to world’s most desirable destinations. Please visit our website at and email us a!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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