SplashShopper – Lists for iPad

SplashShopper - Lists for iPad

SplashShopper - Lists for iPad

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Do you like to be organized? Are you someone who wishes they were? Now with SplashShopper for the iPad, the ultimate smart list manager, you will become more organized! SplashShopper gives you the ability to manage lists like your groceries, gifts, work, leisure, travel, etc.  With features like the built-in grocery list, 10 prepopulated list types, ability to create an unlimited number of customizable list, assign items to multiple stores and track per-store prices, easily manage and sync lists with your PC or Mac, and much more, this app brings the much needed organization we all need in our lives.  SplashShopper would be especially helpful this holiday season and we highly recommend this app!!


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Manage your lists of groceries, gifts, to do’s, wines, music, movies, and more. Track prices and locations. Easily manage, backup, and sync lists to your PC or Mac. 

Are you highly organized? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to get there? You need SplashShopper for iPad, the ultimate smart list manager that The New York Times calls iPhone’s “Best in Productivity.” 

SplashShopper’s Key Features: 

  • Extensive built-in grocery list eliminates the tedious task of typing in items
  • 10 additional prepopulated list types, including emergency items, travel checklist, wine recommendations, and more
  • Create an unlimited number of additional customizable lists
  • Assign items to multiple stores & track per-store prices
  • Share your SplashShopper lists with other users
  • Backup and wireless sync with your PC or Mac (see details below)

SplashShopper is the leading list manager for mobile devices with over 200,000 active users worldwide. 

Note: Wireless sync option requires SplashShopper Desktop software available for download from splashdata.com/iphone (sold separately, 30 day free trial). This new version of the SplashShopper desktop software is a free upgrade for all existing users! 

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later 

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