SplashID – Password Manager – App Review

SplashID - Password Manager - App Review

SplashID - Password Manager - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Have concerns with keeping sensitive information like usernames, passwords, credit card info, account numbers, registration codes, and prescriptions on your mobile device?  Have you ever forgotten a user name or password? Now with SplashID you’re SAFE… Literally all your personal information is in a safe!! SplashID is an award-winning password management system with over 500,000 users worldwide.  SplashID really take security seriously with a 256-bit Blowfish encryption and automatic password generator to create hacker-proof passwords.  We highly recommend this app to keep all your personal information safe and secure!


iTunes Description
Think of SplashID as your safe on the iPhone. You can store and lock sensitive information – not just usernames and passwords but credit card data, account numbers, registration codes, prescriptions, and much more. **Compatible with iOS4 and iPhone 4!

– iPhone Demo: http://tinyurl.com/splashid5
– Pattern Login: http://tinyurl.com/patternlogin
– Database Sync: http://tinyurl.com/dbsync

SplashID, the award-winning password manager with over 500,000 users worldwide, is now available for iPhone! The all new iPhone version 5 makes SplashID better than ever.

Where do you keep your usernames, passwords, and bank account numbers now?

  • In your head? — Ever forget one of them?
  • In a memo or Word or Excel file on your computer? — What happens if you lose the computer or a malicious person accesses it?
  • In SplashID? — Smart move. Easy, fast, reliable, and most importantly, secure.

Only SplashID offers:

  • Unlimited customizable record types and categories
  • Strong 256-bit Blowfish encryption
  • Backup and wireless sync to your Mac or PC (see below for details)
  • Automatic password generator to create hacker-proof passwords
  • Anti-phishing URL icons that deliver you to the correct address every time with no typing

No other “password keeper” application delivers SplashID’s combination of features, reliability, and security — not 1Password, not Roboform, not mSecure, not eWallet, not Keychain.

SplashID is your #1 choice for security and convenience:

  • Winner of over 10 best software awards since 2005
  • 5 Stars, CNET
  • 4/5 Mice and winner of iPhone password manager comparison, Macworld
  • iLounge A rating
  • Featured in CNET video review, TheStreet.com, Mobile Tech Review, Geek.com, and more

All New Version 5.0 Offers:

  • Custom Icons. Take a photo or choose an existing one to make a custom icon for a record or type.
  • File Attachments. Take a photo or attach an existing one to a record for future reference.
  • Most Viewed Perspective. A new tab shows you the records that you view more often for quick access.
  • Manual IP Address Synchronization
  • Optional PC and Mac companion software updates (Note: SplashID 5 desktop is a paid upgrade, but it’s optional. You can sync SplashID 5 on iPhone with SplashID 4.6.1 on desktop).

Note: Wireless sync option requires SplashID iPhone Desktop companion software available for download at splashdata.com/iphone. Desktop version has a free 30 day trial and is sold separately.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

SplashID - Password Manager - SplashData
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