SpeedUpTV – App-Review

SpeedUpTV - App-Review

SpeedUpTV - App-Review

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Have you ever wanted to fast forward a video on your phone to get to the good part. Well now ou can with SpeedUp TV.  SpeedUp TV gives you the ability to work with videos stored on your phone.  You can Speed them up, slow them down, scope out your favorite scene with the scene browser, Zoom in up to 5X, Play videos from your library, watch in mirror mode with the horizontal flip feature, Preserve audio pitches, subtitle supportkeep your videos organized and safe in password protected folders, and the ability to transfer files from/to multiple devices using a USB cable. This app is very cool and the features tell the story on how powerful SpeedUp TV is. It’s well developed, easy to use, and a great app to have on your phone. 


iTunes Description
1 Paid App in Korea (2010.8.31)
Speedup TV is a full-featured video player and file viewer with hot value-added extras. Play videos up to 2X normal speed, or slow them down to half-speed and get the most out of your moving entertainment. The app features automatic audio pitch control and supports password protected folders. Speedup TV also allows users to transfer files via USB cable. Play your videos faster or slower.

“Great video player with more than a few bells and whistles.” Interface, Reliability, Overall 5 stars
– AppVader.com

  • Speed it up or see it in slow motion!
  • Video Player with extra features: speed control /USB file transfer/ file viewer
  • Scope out your favorite scene with scene browser
  • Zoom videos up to 5X with pinch in gesture
  • Play videos from photo library.
  • Watch in mirror mode with horizontal flip feature
  • Keep your folders private with password protection\
  • Transfer files from/to multiple devices (PC/MAC supported) using USB cable.

SpeedUpTV features:

  • Variable speed playback: 0.5X – 2.0X
  • Preserves audio pitch (tone) while changing playback speed.
  • Transfer files from/to multiple devices using standard iPod USB cable. (WiFi woes are out the window!)
  • Scene browser with pinch zoom
  • SMI subtitles support
  • TV-out support on iPhone4/iPad
  • Supports password protected (hidden) folders.
  • Views other popular formats (pdf,doc,xls,ppt,png,gif,jpg)
  • Supports gesture commands in player
  • Player pauses when headphones are unplugged
  • A-B repeat
  • Retina display optimization
  • Supports scrubbing for precise time control.
  • Supports remote controls (including fast forward, rewind)


  • Compatible only with iOS4
  • Supports only video formats compatible with iPhone/iPodTouch (mp4, mov, m4v)
  • iTunes 9.1 or above needed for file transfer

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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