SpeedSense – App Review

SpeedSense - App Review

SpeedSense - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Have you ever wanted to know how fast you are traveling, your direction, average speed, etc.? SpeedSense turns your mobile device into a virtual dashboard.  With a classy user interface, 5 HUD themes, top speed, average speed, full analog speedometer, compass, altitude, and much more, SpeedSense is a very useful utility application.  SpeedSense also has an awesome Speed Warning feature which will sound an alarm if the speed limit is breached.  So if your looking for a dashboard for your mobile device, SpeedSense is the app for you!


iTunes Description
Cash in on the true potential of your iPhone®. SpeedSense turns the Smartphone into a virtual dashboard. Avail all kinds driving info apart from the 5 HUD Themes for the user to choose from. SpeedSense is sure to provide users with l’expérience d’élite.

It gives your current speed, average speed, distance covered, altitude, direction just to name a few. The Speed Log feature on the bottom of the analog screen gives a graphical illustration of the speeds at which you’ve been travelling at. Set speed limits of your choice and the Speed Warning alarms go off once the limit is breached.

You can also mark your waypoints for future reference and even switch between Imperial and Metric Units.

Summary of Features:

  • Classy User Interface
  • 5 HUD Themes
  • Top Speed
  • Avg. Speed
  • Full Analog Speedometer
  • Compass (direction in degrees from North)
  • Altitude
  • Speed Logs (Graphs)
  • Save/Send Speed Logs
  • Customizable Speed Warnings
  • Trip Info
  • HUD Mode
  • Autosave settings on exit

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

SpeedSense - Dexetra
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