SpeechTimes – App Review

SpeechTimes - App Review

SpeechTimes - App Review

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Managing Speeches can be difficult, especially when multiple people are involved.  Now Speech management just got a lot easier with SpeechTimer.  SpeechTimer uses a three-stage timer and built-in database to keep track of multiple speakers.  The apps database saves and store each speaker’s time for future reference, which will allow you track and see how each individual improves over time. With features like an easy to use interface, three-stage timer, customizable color alerts which allows you to project images to presenters, database storage, and the ability to manage multiple speakers, SpeechTimes is the only timer and organizer you need for managing speakers.


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Speech management just became a lot easier with SpeechTimes. Use the app’s three-stage timer and built-in database to keep track of multiple groups of speakers, set speech times and work with the chronologies of saved speeches in an attractive, customizable interface. You can use it for your own speaking engagements, too. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

“Wow. Cool. I love the images, especially the veggies.”
– Gabrielle Martino

“This will really help me with my presentations. Very creative.”
– Mohammad Al-Saud

Your Toastmaster club is meeting today and it’s up to you to time the speeches and rein in the speakers if they go on too long. It used to be a daunting task but now you actually look forward to helping your club this way.

Opening SpeechTimes, you click on the club you want, tap the speaker’s name and the time they’re allowed for their speech then let the timer begin.

You got the green light at the first time mark, now it has turned amber to alert you to the second time mark in the speech. Soon, you’ll get the red light, signaling the end of that speaker’s time allowance.

This is where you can really help nervous, rambling or verbose speakers. Thanks to SpeechTimes, you are able to project an image (you chose a beautiful, calming sunset) across the room to cue the speaker that it’s time to wrap things up. The speech time is perfect and the speaker feels great about not going over their limit.

If you are responsible for timing speakers, or you have to make a speech yourself, you are going to love this indispensable application. No other speech or presentation timer comes close to offering you the flexibility and versatility of SpeechTimes.

The app’s customizable three-stage timer with adjustable color alerts is perfect for club timers, public speaking instructors, event managers and speakers at all levels. In fact, the timer has dozens of uses.

Use the first alert to mark when the introduction is over and the body of the speech should begin. The second alert marks the time to start wrapping things up and the third alert signals the end of the speech. If you prefer, you can manually mark the different stages. Totally up to you.

SpeechTimes is actually a timer and database in one, letting you not only manage times but save them for future review, too. To help keep you organized, you can review time data by date or all together. Need to look up a previous speech, delete a set of times, or start a new timer? Easy! There is nothing complicated about using SpeechTimes.

SpeechTimes is really handy for instructors, coaches and event co-ordinators. You can create classes or groups, preset a speaker’s target time so they learn to pace themselves or stick to the allotted time for optimum performance. You can even review, add comments or feedback and track progress.

This application is great for your own speeches, too. Use the three-stage timer while practicing to get your pacing perfect before going in front of an audience.

You can easily customize the look and feel of the app, choosing from twelve cool image sets for the green-yellow-red color alerts: Signs, Traffic Lights, Silks, Globes, Jewels, Apples, Flowers, Peppers, Sunsets, Leaves, Sunbursts, and Balloons. Select your favorite or have a different one for each speaker group.

Just look at some of the helpful features offered to you in SpeechTimes:

  • Easy to use, attractive and customizable interface
  • Three-stage timer to mark the different stages of a speech
  • Customizable color alerts allow you to project images across room or to lectern
  • Timer and database in one
  • Makes managing multiple speakers a breeze
  • Save and manage speech times

SpeechTimes is the only timer and organizer you need for managing speakers. Download your copy now and enjoy your new-found efficiency.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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