Special Forces Gun Battle – App Review

Special Forces Gun Battle - App Review

Special Forces Gun Battle - App Review

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Special Force Gun Battle is a different kind of puzzle game.  In this game, you are racing the clock to assemble a carefully selected and elite collection of guns – specifically pistols, rifles, snipers, and more. You are given 15 seconds to assemble these complex guns, gain experience, and rise through the ranks (21 in all).  As you gain experience and rank points, unlock new guns to assemble!  Take your skills online and battle thousands of online players to prove your skills!  Quick to learn and fun to play, Special Force Gun Battle will offer both a personal and online challenge!


iTunes Description
Mobicle (Developer of “Cubetrix 3D’” iLounge.com’s TOP 100 Puzzle game) brings you Special Forces: Gun Battle. This game combines explosive ONLINE Multiplayer FPS game play with Puzzles!

Are you a fan of FPS (First Person Shooter) Games?

Do you love online Multiplayer Puzzle Games?

Ever wanted to see what a Glock, AK47, or FN P90 was actually made of?

Special Forces: Gun Battle is a novelty and one of it’s kind in the Appstore. This is a high-octane puzzler jam-packed with 28 AUTHENTIC Guns from your favorite FPS games such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Bad Company, and more.

Featuring simple single-tap game play, the goal of the game is easy yet challenging and incredibly addicting.

Time will be quickly winding down and it’s your duty to assembly your gun in the quickest time possible. Featuring 21 ranks, you have to be nimble and alert like a real solider. Get it right and gain enough experience to move up in rank and unlock more guns!

Combine that with THOUSANDS of competing players online and you have a perfect blend of tense mind-boggling action!

Authentic Weapon List:

1. Beretta M9
2. Colt M1911
3. Glock 17
4. HK MK23
5. IWI Desert Eagle
6. Smith Wesson
7. Sig P226

Rifles/Automatic Weapons
8. Steyr AUG A1
9. Ingram Mac 10
10. FN P90
11. HK MP5A2
12. AK 47
14. Sig552
15. HKG3A3
16. L85A2
17. M16A1
18. TAR 21
19. M4A1

20. M24
21. 98 Bravo
22. Dragunov SVD
23. WA2000
24. M200

Special Guns
25. M500A
26. MG36
27. Benelli M4
28. M249


**Simplicity: Simple one-touch game play will allow you to get started with no effort at all.

**Multiplayer Mode: Compete against THOUSANDS of mobile Players Online in fast-paced adrenaline pumping action!

**Authenticity: REAL and Authentic Weapons from your Favorite FPS Games

**Single Mode: Be the Fastest Hand in the West! Compete against yourself to finish the puzzle in the fastest time possible!

**Ranking: Gain experience and move up the chain of command with 21 Ranks.

**Music: Custom created and fine-tuned tense & pulsating music.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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