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Song sharing has certainly evolved over the years; from the days of MySpace through the surging popularity of YouTube. Nowadays we find music in just about every medium and mode imaginable. You can’t even visit your local pharmacy or card store and not miss an oversized greeting card playing songs for seemingly every occasion.

Developer Darling Group brings us an inventive mobile application that offers a fast, easy, and affordable method to share not only songs with our friends and family, but gives the ability to attach a personal note as well. Think musical birthday card meets social media.

Songnote Sharing Music App Gameplay:

Don’t expect to see an interface riddled with unnecessary settings or clutter. Songnote's simple yet pleasant, dark wood paneled background let’s you quickly choose a song and attach a personal note. Select a song from your device and compose a short note to share via Facebook or email. Maybe your trip to the Caribbean had you dying to share a Jimmy Buffett tune with your jealous friends back home. Well Songnote is your low bandwidth song sharing solution. Be sure to write them “Wish you were here!” in the text field. The in-app text field “Reminds me of…” can also be used to describe and share similar sounding bands among friends.

Songnote is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and the iPad.

Songnote Sharing Music App Value:

Our test drive found that Songnote quickly and efficiently posted or delivered an email containing Artist, Song Title and the personal note without any glitches.

Songnote will set you back just $0.99 and offers a creative solution for music sharing app with a personal touch.

iPhone App
Star Rating:
Songnote™ - Darling Group ★★★★½

iTunes Description

Songnote is an app that makes sharing music easy and fun. Maybe the song you are listening to reminds you of when you were 16, ditched school and had one of the best days of your life so you want to remind all guilty parties. Perhaps the next song on your play list is called “Beautiful Girl” (hey it could happen) and it will help you get lucky with whomever you send it to. Maybe you just heard that your best friend got a promotion, “Big Pimpin” might be appropriate here. Say your sister needs to send a Dear John letter…how about letting music do the talking? Select your song, write a note to go with it (or not) and press send to deliver the song+note to your best friend, girlfriend, crush, mom and just about everyone else.


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