Social Networking App that Helps You Instantly Meet Real People


Social Networking App that Helps You Instantly Meet Real People

Break the Ice makes meeting new people around your area easy

For those of you who don’t have time to go out and mingle in the real world, Break the Ice is an app for iPhone and iPad that makes meeting new people around your area an easy task. Users create a profile based on who they’re looking to meet – men, women, or friends.

The app gives you an option to “check the scene” which scans your immediate area for users with profiles on Break The Ice. Depending on where you are in the world, the number of results you get will differ. After scanning your area, you can send anonymous messages to your prospects to test the waters before you decide to formally introduce yourself.

The app determines if there is a match between two people by monitoring their conversations. If there is a match, users can go on to sharing messages between one another and sending text messages even when not connected to Break the Ice.

Of course, when dealing with sensitive information such as location and phone numbers there is always a risk of identity theft. It is for this reason that your exact location is never truly revealed. You won’t be seeing personal home addresses or mobile phone numbers on anyone’s profile as a matter of fact.

The developers assure that all the communication that happens within the app is completely encrypted to protect your personal information. You can also use the app to select your favourite locations so that you get a notification whenever any of your matches check in to that location.

All in all, this is a great app to for meeting people around you and making new friends. You can download Break the Ice today for free at the iTunes App Store.

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Break The Ice! - Break the Ice LLC ★★★★½

iTunes Description

Finally, a FREE social networking app that helps you instantly meet real people at your same location (bar, restaurant, coffee shop, party, grocery store, class, sporting event, etc.). Anonymously say “Hi” – no rejection or awkward introductions. Download BREAK THE ICE, quickly set up your profile & meet new people from your favorite hang-out. Privacy, security & safety are our top priority. It’s fun, exciting & easy to use! 

• Meet that special someone, new friends or simply network while hanging out at your favorite spot 
• Real life, real world – meet people truly nearby – not States away like other apps 
• Anonymously say “Hi” to people you are interested in. They will only know it is you if they are also interested
“Matches” occur only when both people are interested in each other. Unless a Match occurs, the person never knows it was you who said “Hi” 
• Privacy, security & safety are our top priority. Only people you are interested in can send you messages through the app, but your phone number is never disclosed. No inappropriate messages from random people that you have no interest in. Users won’t know your exact location. Block and/or report annoying users
• You are always in complete control. You decide when you are online, who you say "Hi" to and who you match with
• Keep your matches & send them texts, even after they have left the location 
• Sleek, modern look & simple to use – no hearts, no gimmicks, no points 
• A fun way to “people watch”. The app will show all people around you, not just the ones you can match with based on your preferences
• If your friends don't have smartphones, create a group profile & allow them to also meet singles & groups near you

Check out the upgrades, including the ability to see how many users are at your favorite spots before you go out and have larger groups 

• Set-up a simple profile. It only takes a few minutes 
• Go to “Check the Scene” to scan through the people in your area. Check out their pics & profiles. The app will show all people nearby, not just the ones you can match with
• Say “Hi” to those you are interested in. They won’t know it is you 
• Those users will receive a simple notification that someone nearby is interested 
• They likewise go to “Check the Scene”, check out photos & profiles, and anonymously say “Hi” to people they are interested in 
• If both people say “Hi” to each other, the app will let them know there is a match and will allow chatting back and forth 
• If no match occurs, they won't know it is you that said “Hi”. It is all anonymous 
• You can either initiate the first “Hi” or wait for others to say “Hi” to you 
• Many more fun features such as group profiles to include your friends, track your stats & check out your favorite spots before you head out 

Disgusting & lewd photos or profiles will NOT be tolerated. Please help us maintain a friendly environment by reporting users who abuse the app. 

Continuous usage of the GPS will impact battery power.


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