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Soccer My Stats App is an Awesome Way to Track Soccer Stats

Calling all soccer moms and dads!  If you're raising the next David Beckham, then you have to check out the Soccer My Stats app!  Track your little star's game stats for each and every game so you're prepared to show off those stats to college recruiters.  Input field and time stats into the app and Soccer My Stats will run the calculations for you!  Stats include: shots taken, goals, assists, steals, free kicks, fouls, passes, and offsides.  Time keeper stats include: minutes played, goals allowed, goals saved, goals against average, and shutouts.  Soccer My Stats even contains a stopwatch to correctly track how much playtime a player racks up.  Easy to use and update, stats for individual games or full seasons can be saved or exported for sharing.  Make sure you're prepared for the next step in your son or daughter's soccer future with Soccer My Stats


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Soccer My Stats provides parents with an impressive full statistical area to easily track soccer statistics for their son or daughter. Store all games by name; add field location and final score with game statistics. Unlimited games can be saved and managed. Export and email all game statistics to coaches, friends or to yourself to print.
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Soccer My Stats makes it easy for parents to record their son or daughter's performance. Keep track of their stats over the entire season. See how many goals or shots have been taken or if a keeper their saves and goals against average over the entire season in seconds. This App is a must for players who plan to be recruited and play at the college level.

If you’re a parent you know how important game statistics are to college coaches and if they are interested in recruiting your son or daughter, they will ask for their stats. Be prepared!

Statistical information is often difficult to acquire from your high school or travel team coach. Even after you get the statistics: you need to put them in order, add, and average all of the stats. It takes time to do all of this work. Soccer My Stats takes care of this for you, so all you do is download and email your best games directly to coaches.

Check out some of the awesome features offered in Soccer My Stats:

  • Full statistical area to easily track soccer statistics
  • Unlimited games can be saved and managed
  • Season stats tab for full season stat view — all on one page.
  • Track season totals as well as season averages. All exportable.
  • Track individual games stats for more than one player
  • Gives you the stats you need to send to recruiters
  • Export and email individual games or full season statistics, or save for later printing
  • Supports iPhone 4 High Res Retina Display

If you want to quickly track and recall important game statistics, make your life a little easier: Download Soccer My Stats now and have a great season!

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