Smartlight Elite LED – App Review

Smartlight Elite LED - App Review

Smartlight Elite LED - App Review

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Smartlight Elite LED is one of the brightest and battery efficient applications we have seen to date.  In fact the light is so bright on the iPhone 4 that the developer highly recommends not looking at the light directly with a bare eye. It is not only one of the brightest flashlights, it also offers several different customizations that can be set with ease.  With just a tap of a button, Smartlight settings can be custom set for fun, love, learning or emergencies.

This Smartlight Elite LED is highly recommended if you’re looking for a high powered and low battery draining flashlight app.


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Smartlight Elite is setting a precedent in the world of flashlight applications for iDevices. It not only has the brightest light that won’t drain a battery dead, it also offers a lot of different customizations that can easily be set using the app’s Visual Favorites. With just a tap of a button, Smartlight settings can be custom set for fun, love, learning or emergencies. This is a sophisticated and powerful application.

While most flashlight apps are dim, the LED lighting on an iPhone 4 is extremely bright. In fact, the developers recommend that users not look straight into it. Anyone with an iPad need never be in the dark again either, as the app uses the entire screen surface, which means seven times more light.

All devices with an iOS of 3.0 or later can use Smartlight in a variety of ways. First and foremost is the strength of the lighting, which can be used as a regular flashlight, as an emergency light, a strobe or even as tool to learn and practice Morse code. It really is versatile, helpful and entertaining. Users are even able to put a custom message onto a Valentine heart or solid screen.

Whereas typical flashlight apps drain a device’s battery dead, Smartlight has features built-in that prevent that. When a device is put into a pocket or case, or the battery begins to get low, the app shuts itself off.

The quality and sophistication of Smartlight has earned its entry to the prestigious Indie Apps Alliance, which markets quality apps by independent developers.

These are some of the innovative features offered in Smartlight Elite

  • Fully configurable counting (direction, start / end count, emphasis, repeat)
  • Flashing roadside caution
  • Shake for colors in 3 dimensions
  • Rainbow colors
  • Adjustable flashing on / off ratio
  • Smooth fading
  • Editable messages
  • Morse code test
  • Easy plus / minus buttons for adjusting brightness, flashing speed, etc.
  • Visual Favorites lets users view settings in a glance
  • Settings lock prevents accidental changes
  • No banner advertisements
  • Strobe (screen or iPhone 4 LED), with adjustable speed
  • S.O.S. (screen or iPhone 4 LED)
  • Bicycle light
  • Metronome (screen or iPhone 4 LED)
  • Countdown
  • Flashing color sequences (up to 7 colors)
  • 6 shapes
  • Landscape mode, with locking orientation
  • Ultra bright LED light (iPhone 4 only)
  • Alpine distress
  • So much more!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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