SmartClock – Intelligent Alarm Clock – App Review

SmartClock - Intelligent Alarm Clock - App Review

SmartClock - Intelligent Alarm Clock - App Review

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Have you ever woken up to a blaring alarm clock you just wanted to throw across the room? Well the developers of SmartClock have delivered the most innovative alarm clock app we have reviewed. This is truly an intelligent alarm clock. It uses your own personal REM sleep cycles and artificial intelligence to gradually wake you while you’re in your light sleep phase.

This will help you feel invigorated and relaxed upon waking. In addition to the technology, SmartClock is a very good looking app with several themes created in stunning HD graphics ready to be customized. If you are ready to throw your clock, or phone against the wall, check out SmartClock – Intelligent Alarm Clock.

If that wasn’t enough – as a thank you for the purchase, the developer of SmartClock made deals with a few stand producers for Apple devices. Now SmartClock owners can use their unique Bonus Code (found at the bottom of the app’s settings screen), to log in on the app’s website and get iPhone, iPod touch and iPad stands for 15% off!!


iTunes Description
Meet your new sleeping companion. SmartClock is your ultimate clock which doesn’t just wake you up – it wakes you up smart! It uses the knowledge about your sleep cycles and artificial intelligence to wake you up the perfect time so you will feel rested, relaxed and ready to go.

Sleeping cycles
When you go to sleep you sleep in cycles – from deep sleep to light sleep etc. When you wake up during your deep sleep you feel much more tired, in a bad mood and usually need “5 more minutes”. SmartClock analyzes your sleep and uses all its powers and knowledge to wake you up during your light sleep so you will feel much more rested and with more energy than even if you would sleep longer!
It also has special, handpicked, smart sounds just to wake you up gently!

Not just alarm clock
Aside from waking you up it’s also one of the best designed clocks on the AppStore with many clock themes (and more to come). You can choose from few different styles and colors – including:

  • Analog clock
  • Flip clock
  • LCD clocks

All themes include Portrait and Landscape modes so you can put it by your bed anyway you want.It looks HD-amazing – whether you use it on your iPod Touch, iPhone 4 with Retina Display or your iPad. And you don’t have to pay extra for that HD quality. It uses small amounts of energy so it doesn’t drain your battery and works even when your device is locked.

So give it a shot – invest in the quality of your sleep and life – it will be the best money you’ll ever spend. But be warned – after you get use to it – it’s hard to go back using old, simple, “stupid” alarm clocks!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later. 

SmartClock - Intelligent Alarm Clock -
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