SlickFlick iPhone Photo Story App with Valentine’s Day Theme

SlickFlick iPhone Photo Story App with Valentine's Day Theme

SlickFlick iPhone Photo Story App with Valentine’s Day Theme

Create Your Stories on the Fly with SlickFlick iPhone Photo Story App

SlickFlick is a comprehensive photo story app for iPhone and iPad that lets you create dynamic story boards based on your pictures. This community-driven app also provides a way for you interact with other people through pictures and share your stories with the rest of the world.

After connecting with your Facebook account or signing up for an account using your email address, you can import images from your Facebook account, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Flickr. Images uploaded by other users are displayed in the main menu where you can sort them according to friends, recent, and likes.

The app uses a cool parallax effect when browsing through photos and viewing photo stories is easy as tapping on the preview image then titling your device to open up the story in full screen. You can also “like” photo stories by tapping on the heart icon below the preview, post comments, and even share them on your own social profiles.

To create your own photo story you first have to pick a theme such as a Valentine’s Day theme, superhero theme, and scrapbook theme. You can add pictures from your picture library, take photos with your camera, use your social media accounts, or select one of the default pictures that come with the app.

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Depending on the theme you choose you’ll have access to different stickers and design options. For instance selecting the Valentine’s Day theme gives you custom stickers such as hearts, flowers, bunnies, and angel wings that you can apply to your images.

Besides the stickers icon there’s also a captions option for writing text directly onto your images, and tapping to the “T” icon on top of the screen allows you to have a slide just with text on it so you can include it as part of your photo story.

Once a photo story has been completed, it can be published for everyone to see. Your user profile will tell you how many stories you’ve published, how many people you’re following, the number of followers you currently have, and any other activity. The app’s synchronization options also makes it possible to access most of your images online without logging into separate accounts which is convenient if you have a lot of photos to import.

The easy to navigate interface also means that you can use this app whether you’re a pro photographer or a casual user wanting a more creative way of arranging their photo album. SlickFlick is compatible with devices running iOS 5.1 or later and is free to download from the app store.

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