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There are so many applications designed for today’s tech-savvy kids; the hard part is identifying which ones are actually beneficial for them. Which ones will help them develop their learning facilities?

KidsAndBeyond delivers with an application that hopes to do just that; they promise to give preschoolers a fun and friendly tool before having to embark in a formal education. This is the company behind other educational apps like Map My Globe, Learn The Letter, Match That Shape, and other games in the SimpleSort series. This time, the child-focused company turns tries to make mathematics a touch more entertaining for kids ages 2 to 5 with SimpleSort: Counting.

Ms. Clever Cloud from the previous SimpleSort applications appears again with basic mathematical problems. She’ll even walk children through the navigation process – if everyone had a teacher like Ms. Clever Cloud, learning would be easy as pie!

The game provides different levels of difficulty, so each child could learn at his or her own pace. And it’s basically three cool apps in one package, as you have “Count and Compare”, “Count, Sort, and Place In Order” and “Count and Add”. Kids will enjoy the freedom they have with the topics and which area of math to focus on for every day – identifying numbers, counting and very basic addition.

The cartoon illustrations are simple. There’s nothing overly impressive about it, but perhaps KidsAndBeyond are merely taking into consideration the age of their target market. SimpleSort: Counting is easy to understand, and the drawings are a breeze to identify.

Like most games for very little children, SimpleSort: Counting is best played on the iPad, although it’s viewable on the iPhone and iPod Touch as well. This app can be bought for $0.99, a small price to pay to make your children love math as you didn’t.

iTunes Description
Ms. Clever Cloud is back! This time, she needs help counting, sorting, adding, ordering, and comparing numbers! Can you use your math skills and help her?

KidsAndBeyond’s first offshoot of the much acclaimed SimpleSort, SimpleSort: Counting brings back our recognizable cloud helper and familiar objects and sorting buckets from the original, but goes one step further. Children aged 2-5 learn important early math skills in a fun, colorful, creative and engaging way!

SimpleSort: Counting includes
· A helper cloud and narrator to guide the child through the app
· A text-based help screen for parents to read
· Choice of numbered buckets from 1-10 with an option to play the game with 3,4,5, or 6 buckets
· 3 different game options, including “Count, Sort, and Place in Order,” “Count and Add” and “Count and Compare”
· Option to play all three games consecutively or one at a time
· Voiceover narration that names each number as child touches corresponding objects

Download the app today to get your child excited about math from a young age!

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

iPad App:
SimpleSort:Counting - KidsAndBeyond, LLC.

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