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Memories can be forgotten, but pictures last forever. Recording these moments so you can revisit them later is priceless, and Shot Memo is the perfect application to help you do just that.

GKProject gives us Shot Memo – and this one is definitely a must-buy. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you with your productivity, Shot Memo is a handy camera and notepad that’s easy to use. For those who are sentimental by nature, this allows you to preserve those Hallmark moments and even pen short captions so you can remember the exact details of the photograph.

With a simple interface and straight-forward manoeuvring within the app, Shot Memo is a practical replacement for a bulky camera and a troublesome pen and paper set. Functions are smooth, quick and hitch-free. Although the quality is limited by the device used, the iPhone is already miles ahead of its competitors so quality does not at all suffer – especially if the products are only going to be for personal use.

Shot Memo is impressive in the way it effortlessly combines functionality and creativity. If you’re in need of a little creative outlet, taking pictures may just be the activity for you.  The application also provides the users the chance to customize as they please. You can adjust the size and location of the images, the size of the pad and the size and color of the font. It’s very aesthetically pleasing, and GKProject makes the app even more appealing by offering 39 different designs of note pads to use. These endless options also make Shot Memo more user-friendly.

And of course, how fun would taking pictures be if you can’t share them with family and friends? From the Shot Memo app, you can instantly upload your photos to different social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Evernote.  If the prospect of a good photo-and-memo application excites you, let me tell you, this is the one to get.

iTunes Description
Picture yourself in the following situations:

– You need to take notes, but forgot to bring a pen.
– You’re just too tired to take notes.
– There’s too much to write down.
– You want to add a short comment to a picture.

Your one-stop solution is Shot MeMo. This newly released picture and memo sharing application has all the essential functions you need.

And it couldn’t be simpler: take a picture, write a note, and post it on your favorite SNS.

What you get
– Simple, user-friendly controls
– Automatic recording when app is in use (toggle on/off in setup)
– Automatic indication of date and location (toggle on/off in setup)
– Adjust location and size of pictures
– Adjust the size of the memo pad
– Select the size, color of font

– Share notes across 4 major SNS platforms
– Easy to share notes on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Evernote
– Log in just once during setup and you won’t need to again. Pictures and memos are sent instantly.

– 39 different kinds of memo pads (in-app purchase)
– Getting bored with just one kind of note pad? With over 39 different styles to choose from, you can pick the note pad that matches how you feel.

How it works
– Camera
After taking pictures and writing notes, you can save them or share them through SNS by pressing one button.

– Album
Browse through your pictures or sort pictures in an album and add notes about them.

– Setup
Shot MeMo shows you just how easy setup can be. Configure everything just the way you want it with simple ON/OFF toggling.

How you can use it
– Jotting down notes when you’re in a hurry
Tired of carrying around a note pad and pen all the time? Now you don’t have to! With Shot MeMo, you can take a picture and write a note quickly and easily.

– Recording your feelings when you get a present
The excitement you feel may fade, but with pictures and notes, it will last forever. And what about a bouquet of flowers? They won’t stay fresh for long if you don’t have Shot MeMo.

– Capturing the highlights of your trip
You had to wait forever to get into that amazing restaurant, but it was so totally worth it. Show your friends on Facebook exactly what they’re missing out on. Take a photo and add a note, and Shot MeMo automatically displays the location.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

iPhone App:
Shot MeMo - GKproject

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