ShoppingList – App Review

ShoppingList - App Review

ShoppingList - App Review

AppDictions App Review
ShoppingList is a helpful, easy to use app that will keep your shopping list handy while keeping you within your budget.  This app is simple to navigate and allows you quickly add or remove items, catorgorize products, add prices, keep multiple lists, and allows you to choose from your frequently or recently used products.  While this Shoppinglist is useful and easily updated there is data-entry required. You must add and update prices to utlize the calculating feature, however once the info is entered ShoppingList automatically calculates the sum.  Overall ShoppingList is a convenient way to always have your grocery list by your side and it’s user-friendly design makes it quick to update or add new items.


iTunes Description
With ShoppingList you have your shopping list on your iPhone or iPod touch

So you can benefit of a multiplicity of advantages:

  • simply add, remove and rearrange the individual entries
  • group products by category
  • add amount (also nonstandard measurements)
  • add prices (ShoppingList automatically calculates the sum)
  • have as many lists as you want
  • comfortably choose from your recent and frequently used products

ShoppingList is consequently designed for iPhone OS and focused on user-friendliness. So you can immediately use it, without having to study a manual.

Have your shopping list always there, just like your iPhone or iPod, always ready when you come up with something, that you want to buy.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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