Share Your Experiences with the People that Matter on Bonfyre


Share Your Experiences with the People that Matter on Bonfyre

Bonfyre is a social networking app for the iPhone that helps users share their most precious memories with close friends.

The Bonfyre social networking iPhone app lets you to create virtual hangouts where you can share photos and participate in live chats.

After creating your account, you can either login using your Facebook account or email address. The introductory tutorial walks you through all the various features of the app and tells you how to set up your first bonfyre.

You can invite friends from your social networking accounts such as Facebook or use your phones contact list. Each bonfyre you create is completely private and only members within that bonfyre can view the contents. Each member can share photos, chat with each other and plan events such as birthdays, meetings, parties etc. Once an update has been made, each member is notified with the option to comment or share other content with the rest of the group.


The best thing about Bonfyre is its user interface. The design is modern and easy to navigate. The display largely based on the photos shared by other users so there’s no need to read through long status updates or anything of that nature while you browse through your bonfyres. The photos are filed under a section of the UI called “memories”. This is where you’ll spend the bulk of your time using the app and soon find yourself reminiscing on all the cool things you did with your friends.

BonFyre is free on iTunes and available for iPhone only. This app is a great way of staying in touch with the people in your life that matter the most and an indispensible tool for sharing the special moments in your life.

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Bonfyre – Free Private Photo Sharing, Event Planning, Group Chat & Social Memory App - ★★★★½
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