App Marketing Course

Our App Marketing Course Offering Gives Developers the Tools to be Successful

AppDictions is pleased to announce its new App Marketing Course offering that helps developers successfully market their application(s).  As more apps get published to the app store, expose and marketing becomes more and more important.

The app marketing course focuses on the both the early and ongoing marketing efforts that helps developers increase their app’s exposure to their target audience, app review sites, and media outlets. In order for app developers to have long-term success it’s absolutely crucial they have a mobile app marketing plan in place.

This app marketing course gives developers marketing company freedom; meaning developers will no longer have to dish out thousands of dollars to successfully marketing their applications. Developers gain the knowledge to be on the same playing field and use the same techniques a traditional app marketing company offers.

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Using traditional marketing methods developers will learn to:

  • Early and ongoing exposure to app media outlets, including review and blog sites.
  • Optimize app assets for best-in-class placement in the app store
  • Techniques to create buzz around their app and draw attention the app deserves
  • Reaching their target audience through social media and direct marketing
  • How to build a advocate base of supporters
  • Techniques to maintain marketing momentum to keep their app successful

This app marketing course offers 45 lectures and 3.5 hours of content. The course program includes the following:

Section 1: Introduction: Market Early and Market Often

  • Introduction to the course

Section 2: Long lead-Time Phase: 4 to 6 Months Prior to Launch

  • The Critical Long-Lead Time
  • Identifying Your Target Audience
  • Completing Your keyword Analysis
  • Choosing Your App Name
  • Creating Brilliant App Icons
  • Preparing Your Description, Screenshots, etc.
  • Preparing Your Media Kit
  • Advance App Cover Sheet
  • The Press Release
  • Author/Developer/Publisher About Page

Section 3: Long Lead-time Phase 90 Days Prior to Launch

  • Preparing Your Website
  • Approaching the Media, Reviewers, and Bloggers
  • Pitching to the media, Bloggers, and Reviewers
  • Creating Your Social Media Plan
  • Building Your Support Network
  • Publishing Your First Press Release

Section 4: Pre-Launch Phase: 30 Days Prior to Launch

  • Introduction to Pre-Launch Phase
  • Creating Optimized App Description
  • Producing Your Promo Video
  • Supplemental Video: Mobile Web Book Trailer
  • Optimizing Your App Store Submission
  • Final Tasks for the 30-Day Mark

Section 5: Launch-time Phase: One Week Prior to Launch

  • The 7-Day Subphase
  • Tasks Specific to Web Apps
  • Supplemental Video: How to Create a Website
  • Launch Time at Last
  • Launching a Burst Campaign
  • Other Launch-Time Tactics

Section 6: Post-Launch Phase: Just After Launch and Well Beyond

  • The “In It for the Long Haul” Phase
  • Increase Your Reach
  • Ongoing Marketing
  • Seeking More Ways to Market you App

Section 7: Other Marketing Tactics and Tracking Your Success

  • Other Marketing Tactics
  • Tracking Your Success
  • Supplemental Video: Creating an Mobile Optimized Landing Page
  • Supplemental Video: Downloading a Mobile App with Tapit NFC

Section 8: Conclusion: We want to hear about your success!

  • Conclusion

Section 9: Supplemental Materials

  • Advanced App Cover Sheet Template
  • App Press Release Template
  • Query Letter Template
  • Query Letter Example
  • Mobile Web Book Media Kit Example (Advance)
  • Mobile Web Book Media Kit Example (Final)
  • Class Resources

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