Selloby – App Review

Selloby - App Review

Selloby - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Selloby (an abbreviation of Sell Or Buy) is a great app for, you guessed it, selling or buying items and making offers. It works in a slightly similar way to eBay, in that you simply upload a description and photo of whatever you want to sell.  Selloby then allows you to send a text message to the seller/buyer within the app itself – which is very handy for finding out more about a product or just doing a bit of that good ol’ haggling.

What’s great about Selloby is that if your turn on location services, it finds sellers in your area and advertises your listing to local buyers. The real thing that makes this app differ from other buying/selling apps is the fact that you can advertise almost anything; from Objects and Housing to Jobs and Dating. Add on top of everything the ability to post your listings on FaceBook and Twitter and you have one of the most promising shopping apps – all for FREE!


iTunes Decription
Selloby is a life sharing mobile app for instant selling and buying, renting and hiring, dating and exchanging anything you need. It is light, easygoing, fun and friendly for young and active mobile users.

Selloby is fast, free and easy to use:

  • Allow Selloby to determine you geolocation
  • Type the text using suggests and hash-tags
  • Take a picture or upload it from the library
  • State the price or use price suggests
  • Assign the category
  • Post!

Selloby offers wide range of possibilities to make one’s post a success – easy edit and make changes in any detail for sales appeal. Selloby makes the whole process as esay as possible – suggests actions, objects and popular prices, geolocates you by default, saves you favorites, replies and drafts.


  • The possibility of following interesting categories, objects, actions, cities etc. using one or several filters. It’s a convenient instrument for classifieds sift.
  • Hash tags. The easiest way to organize classifieds, fastest way to type , shortest way to post.
  • All actions happen right now, right here – instant posting, instant photo making or uploading, instant feedback, no spam or/and pre moderation delay.
  • Anonymity – is one of the key points. Searching for a new interesting job? date? sell stolen Picasso painting? – nobody will lay bare until you want it
  • Easy spam blocking. Just tap block and you won’t get any spam from this certain IP-owner. We can block such IP at once and forever.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later

Selloby - PARK LLC

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