Self Timer for iPhone is the Apimac Best Seller in Italy


Thanks to the large amount of downloads in the last few weeks, Self Timer for iPhone has become a real best seller for Apimac in Italy, becoming one of the company’s most sold Apps for iOS.

Self Timer is a photography application which allows the taking of photographs, also sequenced ones, without the need to click a button, as the iPhone will only need to be positioned and after a certain number of seconds, programmable by the user, the photo is automatically taken. The program emits beeps which will increase in speed when the photo is about to be taken. It is useful both to photograph happy moments, and finally be present in your photos, and to avoid moved images due to accidental contacts with the device.

“Italy is giving us many satisfactions – says Gabriele Gobbo, Apimac Senior Vice President Worldwide Product Marketing – and it is a great satisfaction to be so present and appreciated in the Italian market, which we consider to be one of the most sparkling in the European territory. The user satisfaction is for us a focal point in the development of our Apps”.

From the date of the Italian launch, Self Timer for iPhone has reached the Top 5 of the Photography category. This application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It needs iOS 3.1 or successive versions.

Other than Self Timer, Apimac is the producer of the blazoned English – Italian dictionary (which for weeks has been classified first in the Travels for iPad category) and of the innovative iDatabase, of which Apimac has developed both the iPhone version and the Mac OS X one. With Self Timer’s great success, the circle of patient and continuous work to improve and optimize one of the most used worldwide Apimac apps has been closed.

Among others, the main functionalities of Self Timer include:

– Screen Control of the timer seconds and sequences.
– Sequenced shots of 2, 3 or 4 photographs
– Geotagging, the photos will contain information on the place where they have been taken.
– Digital zoom (iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4)
– Automatic and manual focusing (iPhone 3GS and 4)
– Photo shots with the main or the front photo camera (iPhone 4)
– Flash (iPhone 4)

Apimac is a software house dedicated to Mac OS X and iOS software.

People at Apimac aim to put into users hands software which they can use in a way they do things every day. Right after opening their applications, users can immediately focus on their task, not even noticing that they’re using an entirely new software.

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