Secretly store and protect what’s important in the app cb Time

Secretly store and protect what’s important in the app cb Time

Secretly store and protect what’s important in the app cb Time

Our devices are great at holding onto everything most important to us but not so great at keeping it all safe. With so much personal data like records, photos, and more it can be quite scary when imagining this information getting into the wrong hands. While some developers have created their own solutions to the problem, the app “cb Time” provides the safest option available. Entrust your data in an app built with the strongest available 256-Bit AES algorithm all draped and designed behind a sleek and convenient clock design.

After launch all users are introduced by slides welcoming and briefly showing them how the app works. Shortly after following these slides the app is openly displayed for users to get started with. In the center of the screen is where users will find the main clock while notification and screen brightness settings can be found in the upper left and right hand corners.

It’s convenient to have apps that protect your personal data but it doesn’t serve it’s purpose so well when its blatantly advertised for prying hands to look into. “cb Time” revolutionizes the security genre by storing all of your data behind a clock. After launch users can create their locks on the clock by tapping the center of the clock and dragging the clock’s hands to the designated time they’d like to be their password. By tapping the center of the clock once users can enter the password once more and like that there vault is set and opened for users to look into. Each vault is organized by sets of folders ranging from protected folders, secure notes, voice memos and more. By tapping the “plus” button in the upper right hand corner users have the freedom to even create their own folders, take pictures or import photos or videos themselves manually. Store what you’d like and organize it how you’d like. When you’re ready to lock your vault back up all you must do is shake your device to close it, it’s all that simple and easy.

Making “cb Time” better than other data privacy and security apps is how easy it is to use alongside it’s functionality. Aside from giving users the ability to create and organize their data within their vaults the developers kept the ability to customize their protection in mind as well. Users are also given the ability to change their passcode’s at anytime, enable a panic mode to delete data after failed login attempts, and even intruder alarms and more. Transferring data between your vault and your computer is even made simple thanks to cb Transfer allowing users to access their vaults directly from the web on their computers. Check the time, and keep your data safer than ever all thanks to the application “cb Time”.

cb Time is available in the App Store for all iOS devices for free for a limited time, and shortly after will return to its native $6.99 price.

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