Sealed lets you send locked messages

Sealed lets you send locked messages

Sealed lets you send locked messages

Every now again, an app comes along and completely changes how we use our smartphones to communicate with each other. Sometimes, this paradigm shift is subtle, but other times, it forces the user to alter their preconceived notions about what they thought was possible. Sealed is an app that fits this description perfectly. On the surface, it’s a simple messaging app, but if you take a closer look, it represents something much more fundamental about the way we express ourselves.

Upon installation, the app guides you through a 3-step tutorial describing how to use the app and what makes it so unique. It’s defining feature is that it allows you set a delay for each message you send so that users can view the message only after the set time has elapsed. It’s a very basic idea, but it’s groundbreaking because this is one of the only apps currently available that lets you create a virtual time capsule for your messages.

You might be thinking, what’s the point of delaying a message after sending it? The developer, Alex Cantrell, answers this question eloquently. According to him, “the app that allows people to give other people things to look forward to. It’s a relationship tool, a way to be a proactive human and make a small dent in your friend’s loneliness quotient.” In other words, Sealed is a text messaging app that shifts the original “text message” paradigm of instant notification and turns it upside down to create something that serves as a tool for sending meaningful messages to your friends.

For instance, imagine if you set the open date of a message to 5 years in the future. The recipient would have to wait all that time before opening the message, which, in turn, will provide an incentive to keep your friendship intact throughout the wait. And when they finally open the message, they’ll be able to step back in time for a second and relive the original moment. It’s a cool idea, and one that’s simple enough to change how much emphasis we put on the things we say to our friends.

Sealed is available as a free download in the app store for all devices running iOS 8.0 or later.

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