SEAL Fitness Challenge the Ultimate Personal Training App

SEAL Fitness Challenge the Ultimate Personal Training App

SEAL Fitness Challenge the Ultimate Personal Training App

Get Fit Like a Navy SEAL with SEAL Fitness Challenge iPhone Personal Training App

Seal Fitness Challenge is a Phone personal trainer app based on the rigorous workout regimen used by the US Navy SEALs. Through a series of workout programs adapted for personal use you’ll be able to strengthen different parts of your body and achieve your fitness goals in the process.

Depending on what results you’re after you can chose between the indoctrination challenges, evolution training, and qualification challenge. Each of the challenges can be accessed from the app’s main menu and contain different types of workouts you can complete as part of your daily routine.

The indoctrination challenge contains separate exercises you can access anytime you need to do quick spot workouts to focus on your weak areas. Included are workouts such as diamond push-ups, front lunges, crunches, sits ups, sprints, and distance swim. There’s also an option to create your own workouts and a “surprise me” button that loads up a random exercise when tapped.

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If you decide to do the evolution challenge instead you will be required to perform different tasks in order to increase complete a training evolution. The app creates random training evolutions each time you select this option so you’ll never know what’s coming next. You can configure the total time of the evolution challenge, adjust the intensity and even set select music from your library to play while you perform the tasks.

The qualification challenge is where you can improve your rank in the app through a series of intensive workouts. Initially you start out at the “Wannabe” rank and you have to steadily work your way up to the highest rank of SEAL Operator. If you fail any portion of the Qualification Challenge you will need to start from the beginning.

You can track your progress in the stats menu to view your exercise history, any achievements you unlocked, and a stats log which shows you your average workout intensity as well as a count on the different types of workouts you performed. The app’s design isn’t the best looking thing in the world but it’s easy to navigate and offers a diverse set of workouts you can perform anywhere.

If you’re looking for an app to improve your health, this app is worth trying out. Seal Fitness Challenge is compatible with iPhone running iOS 6.0 or later and costs $1.99 from the app store.

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