Screen Pimp – App Review

Screen Pimp - App Review

Screen Pimp - App Review

AppDictions App Review
You’ve pimped your ride, now get ready to pimp your iPhone or iPod Touch screen! Whether you keep 8, 12, or or 24 icons on your home screen, Screen pimp offers perfectly designed wallpapers for your lifestyle.  Choose from vibrant and clever graphics like aquarium, arcade, curious, and fast lane, or add your own message to wallpapers like hangout, ripped, or graffiti.  Screen pimp also offers helpful wallpapers like stickies, which displays “to do” items and reminders, as well as lock screens that display your In Case of Emergency (ICE) information.  Applying your new pimped out screen is as easy as touching save and applying from your photo album.  Take your wallpaper to the next level with Screen Pimp!


iTunes Description
Screen Pimp is the ultimate wallpaper app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Unlike other wallpaper apps, Screen Pimp doesn’t offer 2,000 random images that you could find anywhere but gives you 48 outstanding wallpapers that have been built from the ground up and work around your icons.

Some of the wallpapers can be customized:

  • Want to pimp your Lock Screen to show an image of a friend or loved one with a photo background? Screen Pimp offers you that.
  • Want to add a note or todo on your home screen so whenever you look at your iPhone you’re reminded of something you need to do? Screen Pimp offers that as well.
  • What about an ‘In Case Of Emergency’ Lock screen with your next of kin details? Yep, Screen Pimp provides that too!

Do you arrange your home screen icons with only 8 or 12 showing on the screen? Screen Pimp has you covered, we have created wallpapers that work specifically for those of you who arrange your icons in a particular way.

We’ve also made it incredibly simple to pimp the wallpapers so that anyone can add a custom wallpaper to their device. We’ve even added a preview so you can see what the wallpaper might look like before saving it. In fact there’s so much attention to detail we even named each and every wallpaper!

Screen Pimp also includes retina display graphics for you lucky iPhone 4 users.

There’s wallpaper and then there’s Screen Pimp, the ultimate wallpaper app for you and your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later

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