Scanbot is a scanner app for iPhone and iPad

Scanbot is a scanner app for iPhone and iPad

Scanbot is a scanner app for iPhone and iPad

Scanbot is a scanner app for iPhone and iPad users who want all the features of a modern scanner on their mobile device. The app comes with a collection of unique features and an intuitive interface you can use to capture any document and turn it into a scanned PDF or JPG.

Once installed, the app takes you straight to the viewfinder where you can take pictures of the documents you want to scan. The app automatically detects the lighting conditions in your environment to alert you when it’s too dark. You can select between one-page and multiple-page mode by tapping on the icons on the bottom left side of the screen, or tap the top right icon to enable your device’s flashlight.

After taking your pictures, you can rearrange them in the screen that follows and apply a variety of effects to accentuate the text in your documents. There’s also a powerful crop tool that allows you to crop specific parts of the document, even when the section doesn’t fit perfectly into a square. Lastly, you can rotate the image by tapping on the rotate button.

When you’ve finished editing your photos, you can upload the scanned documents to a cloud storage service of your choice. The app supports most popular services such as Dropbox, google drive, onedrive and Evernote, which is great for anyone who regularly uses cloud storage to manage files. You can also enable the automatic upload feature to upload scanned documents on the cloud each time they are saved.

Scanbot is free to download from the app store and requires iOS 7.0 or later.

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