Say What You See: The Collection

Say What You See: The Collection

Say What You See: The Collection

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Say What You See: The Collection is the second edition to the famous Say What You See: Music Fest app!  Say What You See: The Collection app is a fun, addictive hidden object game that has a Where’s Waldo style of play.  With features like 40 additional new puzzles available via in app purchase, a free-to-play bonus puzzle section which is updated every month, re-worked scoring system, full Game Center compatibility, retina-quality screens, and much more puts this app at the top of our “highly recommended” list.

Say What You See: The Collection was also designed by Aime Bolissian, whose hand-painted canvas take your imagination into a totally different world.


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“Oh dear. I woke up at five this morning, having just had one of the answers revealed to me in a dream, and had to type it in before going back to sleep just in case I forgot.” – The Rev, forum

WARNING: Say What You See: The Collection™ is a new puzzling experience that’s so crazily addictive, you’ll start dreaming about it. Can you find the movies, TV shows and bands hidden in our paintings?

Say What You See: The Collection™ Features:

★ 2 downloadable iCanvases available at launch – including 1x 50 puzzle canvas free with app
★ A new free-to-play 10 puzzle iCanvas every month.
★ 40 additional new puzzles available for every iCanvas via in app purchase
★ A free-to-play bonus puzzles section, updated every month.
★ A re-worked scoring system
★ Full Game Center compatibility
★ Unique achievements for every canvas
★ Retina-quality screens

Say What You See is a hidden object game in the style of Where’s Waldo™/Where’s Wally™ and Dingbats™/Whatzit?™ but with a cryptic twist. Once you’ve scoured each hand-painted oil painting (or iCanvas) for objects, you’ll have to unravel their meaning too. Each iCanvas is themed around a different subject, from Scary Movies to Books, TV programmes and beyond.

Due to customer demand, unlike Say What You See: Music Fest™, the first app in the series, Say What You See: The Collection™ allows you download multiple iCanvases into one app, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh new iCanvas every month.

Even better, you’ll be able to download a free 10 puzzle version of every iCanvas, which you can instantly upgrade to a deluxe 50 puzzle iCanvases, for more brain-melting fun. We’ve also added full Game Center compatibility, so you can compare scores and earn achievements.

Say What You See: The Collection™ comes with one free deluxe 50 puzzle iCanvas, either Scary Movies or Books 2 Film, which you can choose between when you first load the app.

Once you download it, you’ll enter the inventive imagination of internationally renowned artist Aime Bolissian, whose beautiful hand-painted canvas take you to a world where nothing is quite as it seems. Each iCanvas takes around a month to produce, and is a beautiful work of fine art that pleases the brain as well as the eye.

Suitable for the whole family, young and old, Say What You See: The Collection™ is a brand new concept in addictive brain teasing. If you get stuck, don’t worry, just remember the golden rule: Say What You See™!

Praise for our previous game, Say What You See: Music Fest™

“★★★★★” – AppSafari

“9/10” – AppTilt

“For a developer to get it so right on their first try is very impressive indeed.” – Pocket Gamer

“It’s become something of a regular request in our house and looks set to replace bedtime stories for some time.”

“A curiously addictive time-sink.”
– Eurogamer

“Make a dive for the Nyquil, ‘cause this app is going viral.” – iPhone Appidemic

“I enjoyed the heck out of See What You Say, and I give it my personal recommendation.” – Apple Gazette

“Danger! Red alert! Danger! This is one of those games that gets into my brain and won’t let go.” – Invert Y

“A cracking little time waster…”
– Mortis, forum


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

Say What You See: The Collection - Big Ideas Corporation Limited
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