RotationRuler – App Review

RotationRuler - App Review

RotationRuler - App Review

AppDictions App Review
RotationRuler is a new take on a classic utility app – the ruler.  Most ruler apps limit you to the standard length of your iDevice.  This isn’t very convenient, especially when you need to measure something like furniture or wall space!  RotationRuler answers this dilemma by eliminating the limits of traditional ruler apps by allowing you to measure greater distances by simply rotating your device!  Available in both centimeter or inch units, there are 2 ways to use RotationRuler.  The first method, measuring by rotation, is as simple as it sounds – simply “roll” your device along the distance you are measuring.  Stop rolling at any point to get partial measurements.  The second way to measure, measuring by slide function, allows you to drag your device along the length of the item you are measuring.  By keeping your finger on the screen, you can get an accurate measurement.  Whether you choose the rotation or slide method, RotationRuler lets you save your measurement results to a “results” file for easy reference.  RotationRuler is both very practical and very easy to use – a great addition to your other common utility applications!


iTunes Description
Your iPhone or iPod Touch turns into a ruler.

Easily measure any distances, similar to a normal ruler or tape measure.

Do you know this: You have to quickly measure something, e.g. if the new Ikea dresser fits into the gap next to the bed or how many inch the new TV really has? And you do not have a ruler or a tape measure available. Then you will like the RotationRuler.

Use the RotationRuler to measure an object (e.g. furniture) or a range by “rolling” along the measuring distance. The measurement result is shown continuously during the measurement and can be stored to be retrieved later.


  • 2 different measurement methods (rotary and pull) to choose from
  • Measurement from any position and on any ground also on slants and angles
  • Results of a measurement can be stored and retrieved later
  • Measurement in cm (metric) and inches possible

The RotationRuler is similar useful, like the popular level tool or the flashlight function and an essential tool to make full use of the iPhone and iPod Touch technology.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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