RJRCollections Pro – App Review

RJRCollections Pro - App Review

RJRCollections Pro - App Review

AppDictions App Review
If you are a collector and enjoy showing off your collections, then you need RJRCollections Pro!  This app lets you keep track of your favorite collections, such as coins, stamps, spoons, thimbles, etc., anywhere and everywhere because it is stored on your iPod/iPhone/iPad.  RJRCollections Pro allows you to create a personalized template for your collections so you can keep track of the details that matter the most to you, not the details that other other’s think are relevant.  Scroll through perfectly organized screens to get to the item you are looking for easily.  Perfect for trade shows, flea markets, estate auctions, and anywhere else you can find the items you collect.  By using RJRCollections Pro, you can quickly determine the items you have already so you can add to your collections without duplication.  Highly customizable so you get exactly what you are looking for.  Check out RJRCollections Pro today.


iTunes Description

RJRCollections – it is a revolutionary software with an innovative interface that allows you to make, organize, and display the collections you have in your life, like, coins, photos, cars, badges, etc….or even your ideas, plans or notes, right on your iPhone / iPod Touch device.

From this moment, your collections will always be with you on your iPhone / iPod Touch, so that you would be able to revise, supplement, display, or share them with your friends whenever you need it.

This App’s interface allows moving along different collection elements in one screen:
vertically – along the elements of a particular collection unit;
horizontally – along different collection units.

Available graphic visual help, when moving along the collection, which indicates the number of collection elements of a particular collection unit, and the number of collection units in the whole collection.

Option to supplement each particular collection unit with necessary amount of photos, additional textual or visual info.

Entire collection or any of its parts can be password protected (PIN1 / PIN2).

Transfer option of separate collection units to another collection by separating and uniting collections.

Unlimited option of creating Backup / Restore copies for each collection, with a later possibility to supplement and edit them on a computer through any web browser (without additional program installation).

Fonts and wallpapers change option.

Available different collection templates for download.

Option to share your collection with friends.

Available interface languages:

Getting started with RJRCollections is easy, just follow the steps below:

1.Choose “Add NEW” collection and name it;

2.Create the collection’s structure with “EDIT” by adding necessary elements of the collection’s unit: name (TEXT), photo(s) (IMAGE), textual info (LONG TEXT), date, time, audio info.

3.Mark password protected elements (PIN2)

4.Fill in collection units with necessary data – create the collection*

*Max amount of collection units:

Free version: 20
Lite version: 60
PRO version: unlimited.

5.In case of necessity, use your copies on the server (BACKUP / RESTORE / TEMPLATES)**.

Available function options:

Free version: Backup / Templates
Lite version: Backup / Restore / Templates
PRO version: Backup / Restore / Templates
Full version: Backup / Restore / Templates

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later

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