Ringtone Remix Pro – App Review

Ringtone Remix Pro - App Review

Ringtone Remix Pro - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Personalize your iPhone, iPod, or iPad ringtones and/or notifications with Ringtone Remix Pro!  Upload music saved on your device to the app and use the scrolling bar to pick the perfect track to light up your device.  Use the magic wand button to help you pick the best part of a song to get the best ringtone or notification sound.  Once you pick that perfect track, you have to send it via email or Dropbox, sync it to iTunes, and then sync it to your phone.  Even though this extra step adds some time to the process, it is well worth the wait.  Ringtone Remix Pro is a simple, fun way to personalize your device and let the world hear your style!


iTunes Description
You’ve got the best phone – why settle for the same old boring ringtones?! Now you can use your favorite music tracks to make free ringtones and calendar alert tones in seconds – Ringtone Remix makes personal ringtone creation more fun and easier than ever!

  • Create ringtones from your iPod music
  • Use your new tones for ringtones and alarms
  • Real zoomable music waveform
  • Magic button picks the best part of the track
  • Preview your tone and how it loops
  • Send & share ringtones with Dropbox

“I can’t think of a faster and easier way to do it than this app. If you’re one of the people who likes to have a separate ringtone for almost everyone on your contact list, this is definitely the app for you!” – Appletell.com

Ringtone Remix Pro has a beautiful hi-res retina screen UI, showing a real zoomable waveform of your music track, with the current tone selection highlighted. Drag the sliders with your fingers to quickly and easily pick exactly the section of the track you want for your tone, then preview it in an optional loop. Turn on the Escalating Ringtone setting, and Ringtone Remix Pro will fade the tone in and out for you.

Ringtone Remix’s Magic Tone Maker makes it a snap to make a new ringtone or alert tone – just press the Magic Wand button and Ringtone Remix will automatically skip any quiet intros and give you a great ringtone!

You can use the tones you make with Ringtone Remix for ringtones, custom ringtones for individual contacts, FaceTime tones and alarm reminder tones – really giving your iPhone or iPod a unique and personal feel.

Notes on Use

In common with all iPhone ringtone creation apps, to use the tones you make on your iPhone you need to transfer them via your computer to iTunes (using the built-in Dropbox transfer, email or iTunes sharing) and then sync them back on to your phone – this is a really easy process, usually as a simple as a double-click and a Sync!

Please use .m4a or .mp3 audio files. DRM protected .m4p files are not supported. Please respect the license of the music files you are using.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

Ringtone Remix Pro - Electric Pocket
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