Revenue Calculator a Powerful Revenue Management iPhone App

Revenue Calculator a Powerful Revenue Management iPhone App

Revenue Calculator a Powerful Revenue Management iPhone App

Manage Your Business Finances Easier with Revenue Calculator iPhone App

Revenue Calculator is a money management app for iPhone designed to give you the edge you need when managing your business’ finances. It provides all the necessary tools to monitor sales and revenues with comprehensive settings you can enable for a quick analysis of your ROI.

After the app is installed on your device you are walked through a short step by step tutorial about how to use the different features. Following the tutorial you start adding sales items to the app by tapping on the Products option on the bottom menu. To add a new product all you have to do is enter the product name, price, and revenue net percentage (which is used to calculate ROI) into the app.

Once you’ve added products you can tap and hold on them to explore options, or tap on options on the top right of the screen to calculate your total sales revenue. You can also shake your device to immediately backup/restore your data and tilt your device to explore the various charts available for your data.


In the revenue screen you can bookmark sale amounts greater than or less than a selected value and view your calendar to get a complete history of all the dates you received revenue from product sales. There are also additional options to select the design theme, set home currency, and enable password protection.

If you own a small business this app can help save a lot of time when keeping track of sales revenue and other financial information. Using the Dropbox sync feature you’ll also be able to access your files on any device wherever you are.

Revenue Calculator is expensive, costing $9.99, but it is a very useful tool if you’re looking for a comprehensive money management app for iPhone. The app is requires iOS 5.0 or later and can be downloaded from the app store.

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