Real Time Video Effects App on Your iPhone and iPad


Real Time Video Effects App on Your iPhone and iPad

Create Awesome Video Effects with Cinema-trix iPhone and iPad App 

Cinema-trix is a real time video effects iPhone and iPad app that lets you create unique videos on your iOS device. The video effects app has several special effects you can apply to your videos as you record them, giving you the ability to edit your creations with greater flexibility.

You can either use presets or create your custom made effects by browsing through the effects panel. The presets include filters such as neon, thermal vision, cartoon, and poster effects. Selecting one of the presets will load up the effect on your screen so you can see how it looks like through your device’s lens before you hit record.

There is also an option that lets you change the pixel size of your videos. Increasing the pixel size creates a grainy effect whereas decreasing it has an opposite effect. By default, the pixel size is set to 1x — which is ideal for capturing full resolution videos — but can be increased all the way to 16x the original size for maximum graininess.

Below the pixel size options, you can access the edge detection settings. This effect creates visible borders around subjects in your videos and images, giving them an almost comic book like appearance. You can select the edge color, strength and choose whether you want to have smooth or hard edges.

Cinema-trix also gives you the ability to change the image color of your videos through presets. The colors range from standard primary colors to multi colored patterns with different special effects added to them. You can also add blur effects and even choose the level of posterization to apply to your videos.

One of the coolest effects included is the rain effect which lets you add falling text – matrix style – to your videos. You can choose the color of the text, the density, and tap on the sinusoidal option to add a rippling effect to the falling text.

Every layer of special effects is added on to your final video which means that you can change image color, add an edge detection effect, and rain effect and the app will display all those effects simultaneously.

In addition to being able to support video files, the app is also doubles as a fully functional photo editor/ camera app. You can apply all the effects to your images in the same way you would to your videos and also use the flash settings to enable or disable your device’s camera flash.

The app’s interface is well designed and responsive when switching between effects. After playing around with the effects you’ll find that this is a very powerful app capable of being used in just about any video related application whether creative or simple shoot-and-save amateur videos.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive video editing app to use on your videos this is definitely an app you should try out. Cinema-trix is free to download from iTunes and is compatible with iPhone and iPad. There is also a pro version available which gives you more features and eliminates ads from the interface.

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