RateThis! – App Review

RateThis! - App Review

RateThis! - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Let’s face it, we’ve all had those times when we’ve been unable to decide between two options; whether they are places to go on vacation or what to have for lunch. Here is a fun new way of making those awkward decisions. RatheThis! allows you to upload images of each object/option and set categories and descriptions. After uploading, your ‘rates’ are then viewable by the other users of RateThis! who can choose one of the two options. After the time is up, you get to see which one got the most votes and can therefore decide.

You can also vote on other peoples’ uploads which is incredibly quick and easy, you just tap which image you prefer and move on to the next. RateThis is an intuitive way of getting an idea of what the majority of people recommend, and the animations on the interface are great – definitely worth a look!


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With so many photo apps on the market, why on Earth do you need another? You need RateThis! because it’s so much more than a mere photo app. RateThis! will help you make decisions both great and small in as little as 10 minutes.

If you don’t know whether to buy your wife a necklace or a bracelet for her birthday, or are stuck at that car dealership unable to choose between a hybrid or a sports car, RateThis! is there for you. If you can’t decide which politician to vote for or what to have for dessert, post your dilemmas to RateThis! and let a community of your peers tell you which choice is better. No one is an expert on everything, but everyone is an expert on something. RateThis! harnesses the collective knowledge of society to help with those choices, questions or predicaments with which we all have a little bit of trouble.

So next time you have a conundrum on your hands, whether it be choosing between vacation destinations, political candidates or gift ideas, RateThis! is there to make your choice easy. So why not give it a try? It’s free and always will be.

We designed RateThis! to be minimalist, beautiful, fast and free of bloat or ads. The ease and simplicity of our User Interface is unlike any of the 425,000 apps on the App Store. Check it out for yourself and be sure to show your friends.

We draw the line in the sand. Now its up to you to show the world where you stand!

– Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
– Optimized for High Definition
– Share your results via Twitter, Facebook and Email

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