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Sometimes predicting the weather is even more difficult than predicting our future. We rely on weather predictions from various media outlets, only to find out the fickle weather has changed midcourse once again!

RainAware LLC has designed an application for the iPhone that promises to make things far easier for you. RainAware uses your phone’s built-in GPS feature to pinpoint your location for a more accurate forecast.

RainAware is a nifty little application that is simple, but one that is infinitely useful every single day. It is equipped with technology that utilizes location, local radar and weather algorithms to determine what the weather forecast in your area.

RainAware is incredibly detailed. There is the current weather in the area, plus a one hour and a three hour forecast—it may predict when the rain will stop, or if it will stop within the time frame given. And then there are predictions for the precipitation chances at staggered times of the day (expressed in percentage).

The information RainAware provides is extremely impressive, but it backs that up with an interesting interface. Somehow, even with the data overload, the application manages an uncluttered and easy layout—yes, even with the charts. Navigation is pretty straightforward, and the background image is interesting. It is somewhat colorful and easy on the eyes, informative without being too text or number heavy.

So plan out your entire day in advance with the best weather forecast application in the market today. This is the way to do it—real time, accurate predictions that focus on your specific area. With RainAware, you’ll never have to be frustrated with general forecasts that prove you wrong.

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Welcome to the future, where everyone knows what time it'll rain…to within minutes. After years of testing, our meteorologists have developed a groundbreaking system to tell you precisely what time precipitation will begin and end at your exact location, up to 3 hours in advance. RainAware uses your phone's GPS location, local radar, and our cutting-edge algorithms to produce the most reliable and precise weather forecast available.

Why is your weather forecast always wrong? Because it's for a large area, and weather changes over very short distances. It may rain 10 miles away, but not on you. RainAware knows the difference, and you will too. That’s how RainAware differs from other weather forecast apps.

With RainAware, the forecast is personalized for you wherever you live or travel in the United States. Another user just one mile away may receive a completely different forecast. Stay dry when running errands, at the golf course, at the lake, or working outdoors. The uses are endless. It's also updated every 60 seconds to stay on top of changing conditions.

A personalized forecast service would typically require high monthly payments. However, to celebrate the launch of the RainAware app, you will receive an unlimited membership with your purchase. Unlimited means:

— You will continue to receive personalized forecasts for as long as you own the app.
— You will benefit from periodic updates to the RainAware system that will improve the accuracy of your RainAware forecast over time.

With RainAware in your pocket, you'll be able to navigate your life around the weather. Best of all, RainAware is for everyone, young and old.

Features of the powerful and easy to use RainAware app include:

– Accurate weather forecasts: See precise time and intensity estimates for rain, thunderstorms, sleet and snow at your exact location.

– Updates every minute to stay ahead of the weather.

– Easy to read: View your forecast in a simple clock format, 3-hour graph, or 1-hour rain clock.

– Points of interest: See precipitation times for nearby airports, golf courses, downtown areas, sports stadiums and more.

– NEW: Go to over 1100 cities across the United States…great for traveling!

– Radar Imagery: View up-to-date local radar images with your location highlighted.

– Smart backgrounds: Images change based on storm threat and time of day.

RainAware is for use in the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico only. RainAware uses the National Weather Service radar network and may not work properly if a radar is down.

We aim to please! Please contact us with any questions or suggestions, we are always looking to make RainAware a better app. Please do not leave negative feedback without contacting us first, thanks!

Make sure you have GPS enabled, or a random location of interest will be used. Go to: Settings –> Location Services (turn on), then below go down to RainAware and make sure it is also "on."

RainAware provides PRECISE and highly ACCURATE rain times out to 3 hours based on existing areas of precipitation. From hours 3-24, we provide general rain probabilities in the "Next Chance of Precip." bar located on the main page. Please note, that hours 3-24 only show up in the "Next Chance" bar if there is a substantial threat, contrary to what some of the reviews would have you believe.

Disclaimer: RainAware uses the United States Doppler radar network. We cannot control if a radar goes down, which may cause temporary loss of data. RainAware may not work optimally near mountains due to radar beam blockage.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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RainAware Weather - Time Rain & Storms To Your Exact Location To Within Minutes! - RainAware LLC

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