Pro Alarm – App Review

Pro Alarm - App Review

Pro Alarm - App Review

AppDictions App Review
We all know that famous “Snooze” button that we hit over and over again in the morning.  Have you ever hit it to many time and come to realize you’re late for work?  It’s a horrible feeling!  Now with ProAlarm you can wake up by playing a game or listening to your favorite tunes.  Rather then hearing alarm clock static or  an annoying news announcer, you will experience something much more enjoyable. ProAlarm is awesome and has so many great features like the ability to set multiple alarms, customizable snooze time, 4 games,  ability to choose songs for your device, collection of thousands of great quotes, great user interface with the choose of three different styles of clocks, and much more. ProAlarm is great alarm clock and we highly recommend it.


iTunes Description
If you’re a person who presses the “Snooze” button over and over again until you finally wake up (and perhaps find out you’re already late), this application is for you. ProAlarm helps you wake up by playing games while listening to your favorite music.

See the app in action:

Key features:


  • supports multiple alarms;
  • allows you to choose multiple games for an alarm;
  • specify games difficulty, including an extra hard difficulty when you absolutely must wake up;
  • allows you to choose songs and playlists from your iPod library as alarm;
  • music mixing – cool feature which plays random parts of your chosen songs and gracefully fades in/out between them – that way you won’t wake up to just one song;
  • collection of almost a thousand great quotes to read (when an alarm stops) to start the new day with smile and hope;
  • customizable sound/music fade in time;
  • over twenty built in alarm sounds – some of them are funny, some – relaxing, some – irritating :);
  • customizable snooze time;
  • customizable repeat days;
  • turn vibration on/off (iPhone only);
  • adjusts the alarm volume while an alarm is firing;
  • skip to previous/next song while the alarm is firing;
  • alarm will fire even when the device is locked and/or in silent mode;
  • iOS 4 compatible – the application will play a short sound even if it is not the active application;

2. GAMES – this version contains 4 games

  • Calculations – solve a given equation;
  • Meteors – tap meteors from low to high;
  • Bricks – count the number of bricks;
  • Memorize Objects – memorize a set of objects and tap them in the correct order
  • free update to more games to come


  • three professionally designed types of clocks (analog, flip and LCD), each with multiple colors, supporting both portrait and landscape orientations;
  • built-in multi-color flashlight;
  • brightness adjustment;
  • custom auto-lock timers;
  • 12/24 hour mode;
  • customizable show seconds;
  • customizable show week day;
  • shows when the next alarm will fire (tap the ring at the upper left corner to hide/show it);
  • free update to more clock themes to come

set a timer, hit “play” and fall asleep as the music fades away

The first update will include:
Retina images for iPhone 4 users

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Pro Alarm - Antoan Tateosian
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