Printed and Personalized Birthday Cards with Cleverbug App

Printed and Personalized Birthday Cards with Cleverbug App

Printed and Personalized Birthday Cards with Cleverbug App

Send Birthday Cards from Your iPhone with Cleverbug App

Cleverbug is a birthday card app for iPhone that lets you create and send personalized birthday cards to your Facebook friends. The app features a comprehensive collection of customizable card designs, an intuitive user interface, and alert options to remind you of all your friends’ upcoming birthdays.

To use the app you simply have to connect it to your Facebook account and go through the regular procedure of setting up an app with your profile. After granting the permissions for the app to access your friends list, and post on your wall you are shown a list of birthdays coming up this year.

At the top right corner of the interface is an address book icon which allows updates your list by asking your friends to share their current mailing addresses with you. After all your contacts have been updated you can begin sending cards, either to a physical address or digitally, by tapping on the arrow next to your friend’s name.

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The first card you send is free but you’re charged $2.99 for every card you send after that. Before sending cards you are presented with a plethora of different card templates categorized according to gender, specific ages, and occasions which can all be edited with your own images once selected.

You can also edit the text that appears on the cover and inside section of the card with your own text. Despite having several options for customizing the look and feel of your cards, the entire process from selecting card templates to adding your own text is very smooth. Your friends list also comes with profile pictures of your friends as well as the age they are turning so you can customize their birthday cards better.

This is a highly recommended app for any iPhone user and a great way to make your friends feel special on their birthday. Cleverbug is free to download from the app store and requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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