Print to Network or WiFi Printers with Print n Share iOS App

Print to Network or WiFi Printers with Print n Share iOS App

Print to Network or WiFi Printers with Print n Share iOS App

Print n Share iPad and iPhone Printing App Make Mobile Printing Easy

Print n Share is a iPad and iPhone document printing app that lets you print out files to your wireless printer in a just a couple of taps. With support for a wide range of document formats and customizable features, this printing app will make printing documents from your device more convenient.

In order to use this app you’ll need to have a printer connected to a shared Wi-Fi network and follow the instructions in help guide. Setting up your printer is a two-step process that requires you to identify and select the wireless network your printer is connected to. For users who don’t have Wi-Fi printers, the app comes with download link to a third party software you can use to manually set up your printer.

Alternatively you can print via 3G or 4G by connecting your Gmail account to the app’s printing service. When connected under a 3G or 4G network you’ll be able to print your documents remotely the same way you would if you were connecting through a regular Wi-Fi connection.

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In addition to printing documents using the file reader you can also print out pages from web pages and images from your photo library. The app also has a built in camera you can use to take photos for printing.

The app’s interface is very easy to navigate and gives users the option of changing the color scheme. With extensive help guides and 24/7 customer support this is also a very user friendly app that manages to simplify the steps involved in setting up a printer. The app also supports services such as CloudMe,, Dropbox, Google Docs, and iCloud, which makes it easier to share documents across different platforms.

Print n Share is a great printing app anyone with an iPhone or iPad should own. The app costs $6.99 from the app store and is compatible with iOS 3.2 or later.

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