Post to Multiple Social Networks with EveryPost iPhone App

Post to Multiple Social Networks with EveryPost iPhone App

Post to Multiple Social Networks with EveryPost iPhone App

Post multimedia content to multiple social networks simultaneously with EveryPost iPhone app!

EveryPost is a social networking app for iPhone that connects to all your social network profiles. You can share updates without having to login to separate accounts. Using EveryPost app’s simple interface, you’ll be able to share a variety of content with your friends and easily manage your social media user accounts.

Connect the app to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest account by selecting the icons on the top panel. Once an account has been successfully connected, the grey icons become colored and can be activated or deactivated by tapping on the buttons or going to the settings menu.

In the main screen there’s a text input box that allows you to post updates to your networks. Below the text box are upload icons which can be used to attach photos, videos, and music to your updates. Images can be attached from your camera, camera roll, and Flickr account while music is added through Grooveshark and videos via YouTube.

Each time you post an update you are taken to a separate posting screen which displays the status of the posts on your social networks. At the bottom of the posting screen is an option to go back to edit your update and a “try again” button for when you need to troubleshoot connection issues while syncing updates.

The app’s clean design provides a very intuitive user experience and updates are posted instantly to your selected accounts; making this a good choice if you want to quickly manage multiple social media accounts.

EveryPost is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later and is free to download from the iTunes app store.

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