Popular Science+ – App Review

Popular Science+ - App Review

Popular Science+ - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Popular Science+ app, the iPad version of Popular Science magazine is highly recommended if you enjoy this type of media.  The app has all the same content as the print magazine, but for iPad-only users there are some special features.  The app offers easy swiping motions for effortless navigation, browser mode which makes all text disappear so you can focus on the magazine’s photography and illustrations, ability to quickly jump between sections, bookmark function which allows you to jump back to a section quickly, page readjust as the device is turned, and much more.  The iPad brings a new form of media to our fingertips and Popular Science really took advantage of its functionality with this perfectly developed application!


iTunes Description
***December Top 100 Tech Awards 2010 issue ON SALE for $2.99 this month only!***

Upgrade to iOS 4.2 for the optimum experience!

Popular Science+ is the re-imagined digital version of Popular Science magazine. It has ALL the same content as the print magazine, along with special iPad-only features.

Quotes from the press about Popular Science+:
“This is the magazine where it gets fun. Definitely worth the 5 dollars.”

”Look at the fantabulous app from Popular Science, where each story is a wonderland.”

How it Works:
When purchasing the app for the first time, you’ll get the current issue for free. Previous issues are available for in-app purchase at a discounted price. Just push up with two fingers at the bottom of the screen to access the in-app store.

December issue highlights:

  • The Best of What’s New — PopSci’s 23rd annual guide to the 100 greatest technological achievements of the year, including:
  • Green Technology — A plant incubator for growing trees in the middle of the desert; a company making cement from carbon emissions; and more.
  • Automotive — Porsche’s 78 mpg hybrid supercar; the most driver-friendly Ferrari yet; and nine other auto-tech innovations.
  • Gadgets — The iPad revolution; wireless gadget charging; and more.
  • Engineering — The tallest building ever, by more than 1,000 feet; the earthquake proof airport; and seven others.
  • Health — Portable ultrasound, the most agile prosthetic fingers, and more.
  • Aviation & Space — The first overnight solar-powered flight; the fastest jet engine.
  • Home Entertainment — The greatest 3D TV; the invisible wall speakers.
  • Security — The robotic lifeguard; the crime-fighting iPhone attachment.
  • Computing — The keyless laptop; the six-screen monitor.
  • Home Technology — The ultimate robo-vacuum; the smoothest saw.
  • Recreation — The all-wheel-drive amphibious vehicle; the remote-control quadricopter.


  • Headlines — Hunting dark matter at the South Pole, and more.
  • How 2.0 — The iPhone-controlled suit.

How to use the app:

  • Push up with two fingers at the bottom of the screen to access the Table of Contents, your issue library and the in-app store for buying more issues.
  • Swipe left and right to move among stories.
  • Swipe down to read more.
  • Tap the screen to make the text disappear and focus solely on the big, beautiful images. Tap it again to bring the text back.

Check out magplus.com to learn more about your new app, and e-mail us with any feedback or problems at popsciplus@popsci.com

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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