Popular Baby Names – App Review

Popular Baby Names - App Review

Popular Baby Names - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Are you struggling to find that perfect baby name for your newborn?  Want a reference of popular names to help you decide?  Well look no further! Popular Baby Names is an app that gives you hundreds of baby names right on your mobile device.  Now you might think this is a very simple app that just list out some common baby names, but it’s not.  Popular Baby Names allows you to look at the data around each name in a variety of ways like by country, boy or girl, year, meaning, historical rankings, 2010 popularity trends, origin and much more.

Popular Baby Names definitely eliminates the constant stress of thinking about a name for your newborn 24/7.  The app provides a huge database of names, but not just any names… Names that are based on data and meaning making this app top notch in our book. The user interface is very nice and easy to navigate.  For the cost of $0.99 this app can provide some really value during the decision making process of your new family member.


iTunes Description
The new for 2010 baby name rankings plus all of the most popular baby names from the last 100 years. Easily explore the baby names to discover the perfect name for your new baby. Includes the origins and the meanings of names along with popularity trends.

Includes 2010 names results with Sophia the new #2 names for girls and Isabella the most popular girl name for the second year in a row.  New for 2010 changes on the boys side includes Aiden entering the top 10 most popular names for the first time at #9.

Search the most popular American names or the most popular names from over ten different countries like Australia, England, France, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, and Sweden.

Perfect when trying to create a list of your favorite names and choose a name for your new baby.

App Features include:

  • Origins of names
  • Meanings of names
  • Favorites list to organize names
  • International names from over 10 different countries
  • 2010 popularity trends and rankings
  • Most popular names from each decade
  • Search for names by letter and meanin
  • Highest historical rankings for popular names
  • Easily share favorite names over email, facebook, or twitter
  • Available as a universal app for iPhone and iPad
  • Retina display ready

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Popular Baby Names - Aesop

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