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Only revisiting your memories of trekking all over the world can come close to replicate your actual travels. It’s always tough to choose how to immortalize your travel experiences. Should you blog, photograph, video? There’s a myriad of viable options in this advanced day and age. Of course, you only want the best, so that years from now you can look back and vividly remember what happened.

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, thank your lucky stars for top developer LinkDotz Inc. They’ve certainly made life a lot easier for recording precious memories with their new productivity app for the iDevice, PlaceBox.

Indeed, this offering is the ideal travel buddy as it combines several functions in one handy application. Now you can make journal entries, take photographs and record everything you are seeing and doing as it is happening in real time.

PlaceBox is also extremely useful as you navigate your way around the different cities of the world. Discover the must-see spots where you are with this app. You can either search for a specific place you are eager to check out, or choose according to proximity and popularity that’s based on reviews. Find restaurants, accommodations and endless destinations with ease through PlaceBox.

This is also an easy and fuss-free way of sharing your experiences with your circle of family and friends. Simply integrate the application with Facebook and/or Twitter to keep your contacts updated.

Interface-wise, PlaceBox utilizes a simple but sophisticated aesthetic. This app is meant to be functional, so it prioritizes convenience over stylized graphics. However it is still immensely easy on the eyes; and navigation within the app is a total breeze due to the straight-forward layout.

The wanderlust now has an easy way to stay connected via their gadget. Stock this essential application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and set out to see the world with an excellent “assistant”.

iTunes Description
Transform your travel with PlaceBox! Find places, check-in, make notes, take pics, and record your travel experiences all in one convenient, beautifully designed application. PlaceBox helps you find your way in the world, worldwide!

PlaceBox combines the features of your favorite location review, direction-finding, and sharing apps into one clean, intuitively designed interface loaded with extra options.

PlaceBox makes finding locations on the go or at the last minute elegantly simple with its category-based search engine. With a tap or three, you’ll find the perfect restaurant, date activity, or quick stop for coffee without having to type a letter. PlaceBox delivers your options along with distance, directions, and user reviews so that you can make an informed decision. But maybe you have somewhere specific in mind? PlaceBox is ready, willing, and able to search the world for your specific destination, too!

And you can share your experiences in a multitude of ways with PlaceBox. Not only can you store notes, journal entries, and photos, you can add reviews of your own as well. Facebook and Twitter integration make keeping your contacts and friends up to date on your activities effortless.

– Intuitive category-based location search makes it simple to find what you’re seeking just by tapping icons~ no typing necessary!
– Full-search makes it easy to find specific locations you have in mind
– Sort your results the way that best suits your needs: by prominence, rating, or distance
– Scout out potential locations with loads of helpful info, including reviews, hours of operation, and menus
– Planning a vacation? PlaceBox makes planning ahead easy, anywhere in the world!
– Save your points of interest to review later, revisit your check-in history and relive your memories by viewing your photos and notes
– Create your travel journals or to-do lists within the app, along with photo albums to consolidate your experiences all in one application
– Share your experiences quickly and conveniently with social network integration—add your Twitter and Facebook log-ins for seamless simplicity

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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PlaceBox - LinkDotz Inc.

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