Pilo3 Childrens Book App for iPad and iPhone

Pilo3 Childrens Book App for iPad and iPhone

Pilo3 Childrens Book App for iPad and iPhone

The Adventure Continues for Your Children in Pilo3 Interactive Childrens Book for iPad and iPhone

Pilo3 is the continuation of the award winning series of children’s book app for iPad and iPhone. Now with new adventures, a new cast of characters, and the same interactive 3d approach to the story line that made this app unique from the rest in the genre, Pilo3 is yet again attempts to push the boundaries of children’s book apps.

As has been the case with previous versions, the game starts off with you customizing the appearance of the different characters in the story. You can customize the appearance of the magic pillow, select your character, and even flip the pancakes in the main menu by simply tapping on them.


After starting the game, the story of the magic pillow and dream world is continued in either an English, Chinese or Korean narrative. There are new mini games included within the story line such as shape matching, music puzzle, and playing the piano to unlock different parts of the story.

The game’s 3d graphics make up the majority of the app’s design and each character can dance when tapped on which makes for an engaging user experience for any child. The inclusion of various learning activities also makes this useful app for helping your child learn basic coordination and problem solving skills at an early age.

Pilo3 is compatible with iOS 3.2 or later and costs $2.99 from the app store.

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