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Picsart App Demo

Picsart App Demo

PicsArt is a photo editing app made for creative artists and photographers. With over 250 million downloads in the app store, it’s currently one of the most popular and fully featured photo apps available. And with it’s ever growing community, it’s also one of the best places for sharing creative projects with other like-minded users.

After installation, you’re given the option to create a profile using your email or social media profiles. Your profile gives you the ability to manage your network, follow other users and post your artwork to your profile. You can also invite friends from your contact list to join the community and even change the app’s language in the settings menu.

The app’s beautiful interface also features a collection of curated topics, ranging from tutorials to featured images. Each of these topics can be accessed by tapping on the “Explore” icon on the bottom section of the interface. Right next to that icon is a red “+” icon, which gives you access to all of the app’s photo editing features and camera. This is where users can to edit your photos, create unique collages and draw detailed compositions from scratch. Each of these options could easily come in the form of a stand-alone app, but the fact that they’re packaged in a single interface makes PicsArt a pretty powerful platform.

There’s also a contest section where users can submit their work for a chance to get featured in the app. These contests range from using the photo editor to create unique photos to composing a scene using the draw tool.

PicsArt is free to download in iTunes app store and is compatible with devices running iOS 8.0 or later

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