PhotoGenic – App Review

PhotoGenic - App Review

PhotoGenic - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Want to capture the most flattering picture of yourself to add to your Facebook or Twitter profile?  PhotoGenic can help!  By using advanced artificial intelligence, PhotoGenic scans and rates your face on a 10-point scale.  Snap a picture with your iPhone’s camera and get instant validation or scan a picture from your past in your phone’s memory.  Play with angles, hairstyles, and make up to see how the score changes.  Even find out how your friends and celebrities rank by selecting pictures they uploaded to Facebook or with Google Images.  Like your score?  Share those hot results and scores with the world via Facebook, Twitter, or email.  Don’t risk posting a bad picture ever again – check with PhotoGenic first!


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iPhone, iPhone, in my hand… tell me if I’m the fairest in the land! With PhotoGenic, from the makers of PhotoAge and ChickOrDude, you can find the best photo of yourself for your profile picture, discover who in your group of friends is the hottest, and even see how you measure up to your favorite celebs!Finding your finest photo is easy. Simply snap a pic on your camera or choose one from either your photo library or Facebook account and then watch as PhotoGenic’s amazing artificial intelligence engine recognizes and scans your face. When it’s done, the engine awards you a 1 to 10 score, based on how other guys and girls would rank you. If you nab a 9.2 (you fine thing, you!), you can share your results (read: brag to your friends) via Facebook, Twitter, or email.Dying to know how you compare against Angelina Jolie or Leonardo DiCaprio? Use the search option (with either Google or Bing) within PhotoGenic and see whose scores trump whose. The results may surprise you!PhotoGenic is great for business as well! If you’re a model, actor (or aspiring actor), real estate agent, or even just a business person whose headshot is highly visible, Photogenic can help you decide which of your photos is the most flattering, so you can be sure to put your best face forward.PhotoGenic At-A-Glance

  • Uses an advanced artificial intelligence engine to approximate how people would rank your attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Scan a photo taken from your camera, photo library, Facebook, or the web and get instant results.
  • Find your hottest look for your new Facebook profile pic, headshot, or business card – see if you look best from a certain angle, smiling with or without teeth, in certain lighting, etc.
  • Share your results through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

About Percipo: Percipo is revolutionizing the way computers interact with humans by building machines that can sense the world like humans do. If you’re having fun with our apps and want the latest scoop on our upcoming apps and updates, follow us on Twitter at @ScanYourFace. Happy scanning!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

PhotoGenic – Find your hottest Facebook or other photo! - Percipo Inc.
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