PhotoCaddy – App Review

Photo Caddy HD - App Review
Photo Caddy HD – App Review

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Photo Caddy HD is a very nice app for someone who is a beginner or advanced in photography. Photo Caddy HD app has built in suggested camera settings for different shots you would like to take. For example night, day, motion, etc. Photo Caddy HD is a huge reference tool that is very beneficial to carry around with you.  If you’re a photography master this app also allows you to share tips with other users.

Personally in the past I’ve been very frustrated with using an advanced camera.  Since using and testing Photo Caddy HD I have been much better with my camera. I’m learning things I never thought possible.  We highly recommend this app!! Photo Caddy HD launches on Sept. 9th.


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“It literally is like having the photo equivalent of a caddy with you: providing reminders and tips to take the perfect shot.” PhotoCaddy is the photography expert you can carry with you everywhere. Equipment tips, camera settings, creative suggestions and technical points for over 50 categories of photography subjects, covering practically anything you will ever point your camera at.

  • Guidance for over 50 different situations, from castles to rainbows and everything in between
  • Over 500 total built-in tips
  • Suggested camera settings
  • Over 500 (and growing) tips shared by users
  • Ability to share your own tips
  • Take notes of your own thoughts and ideas
  • Custom categories
  • Full developer support. Want something changed? Let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Whether you are serious about photography or just want to improve your travel album, PhotoCaddy will be there to help.  

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