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Period Pace is a very useful app for females who like to keep track of their menstrual cycles. Period Pace also provides useful info on things like how fertile you are (It gives you a Fertility Graph), which symptoms you are likely to have and how bad you can expect them to be, and a calendar containing indications of the days you should be in menstruation and ovulation. Period Pace does all of this when you select the date of your most recent period, and calculates each factor in correlation to which dates/symptoms you enter. The main feature of this app, however, is the ‘period clock’ at the top which gives you an at-a-glance idea of when to expect your period, how long it should last, and when your ovulating.

The app is designed to be user-friendly, giving you a nice, easy to use UI. Along the bottom of the app is a week-view of your info displaying menstruation and ovulation. Scrolling through this allows you to see your previous and future cycles. Above this area are buttons which give you different info when pressed; one which displays a monthly overview of the dates of menstruation and total days etc., one which shows you the symptoms and the level of each one, and one which brings you to the calendar page (mentioned above). When in calendar view, you can tap any date, and the slider at the top moves to show you how far into your period you will be by that date. Double-tapping a date allows you to enter info on symptoms like fluid, flow, cramps etc.. The top of the main page just displays the general info on everything, and also contains the button which you use to record the start date of your period.

Considering period pace is free, it is most certainly worth giving a go as it is possibly the most in-depth period monitor on the App Store. The only thing which could use a tiny bit of improvement is the week-view at the bottom. While scrolling through the days it can feel a bit laggy, but it seems to be done on purpose in order to give you some idea of which day it will land on. Aside from this, period pace is a highly polished app with brilliant user interface, a huge amount of info and I can see any female using this for a very long time – it should prove to be infinitely useful!

iTunes Description
Track your menstrual cycle to see when your next period will start. Easily record what date your period begins along with other medical symptoms like spotting and cramps. View calendars and charts to determine how fast your period arrives and what days you will be fertile in the future.

Perfect when planning for the future and trying to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

App Features include:

  • Calculate the expected start dates of future periods
  • Record menstrual symptoms, test results, and notes
  • View charts that report on menstruation and ovulation days
  • Compute the days each month where your fertility level is high
  • Easy to see at a glance the pace of your cycle using the calendar
  • Plot graphs to help determine low and high fertility days
  • Quickly email data to your partner or doctor
  • Available as a universal app for iPhone and iPad
  • Retina display ready

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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