Period Diary Pro – App Review

Period Diary Pro - App Review

Period Diary Pro - App Review

AppDictions App Review
There are many period tracker apps out there but Period Diary Pro is the only one you need to effectively track your monthly menstrual cycle.  Using 2 separate methods, Period Diary Pro tracks and predicts your period, fertility, and ovulation cycles each month.  But, unlike other period tracker apps, Period Diary Pro doesn’t stop there!  Period Diary Pro provides a diary where you can easily track symptoms, moods, weight, temperature, and much more.  Chart your cycles and symptoms, easily view your most fertile and ovulation days and join discussions on forums.  With a great graphical interface that can be personalized, a variety of useful symptom and mood options, and a discreet app name displayed on your home screen (P.D.), Period Tracker Pro will make tracking your monthly cycles easy and reliable!


iTunes Description
Period Diary is a unique, fully animated and the most complete period and ovulation tracker.

From the creators of a series of hits at App Store, Nanobitsoftware, here comes another fantastic product that will change the way you have been monitoring your health. Monitor your menstrual symptoms, body weight, temperature, notes, and more, the easy way.

This sophisticated and unique product makes your everyday life easier, and it is incredibly simple to use.


  • Track your period, ovulation, fertility, notes, symptoms, moods, weight and more
  • Automatic prediction of your period, ovulation, fertility (excellent for activity planning)
  • Discreet icon name “P.D.”
  • 3 completely integrated application skins
  • Sync your data via the Google calendar
  • Social Forum (link with women around the world)
  • Passcode Protection
  • Receiving notices for the predicted period, fertile days and ovulation
  • E-mailing your data (Export)
  • Monitor your periods on a graph
  • A display of all your conditions and notes on the calendar 
  • Pregnancy Mode
  • Excellent user support


  • Period Diary is the most accurate application since it uses two scientifically proven formulas to predict your cycles
  • Period Diary is the only one that can by synced with the Google calendar and monitor your symptoms, ovulations, notes and more
  • Without any hidden in-app purchase

Period diary is a highly stylized portable solution that every woman who appreciates her body simply must have. Find answers to your questions, read all you wanted to know about your symptoms and all you need to know about women’s health at the Period Dairy forum. Link with women around the world, post topics and answer the posts.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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