PeerPressure – App Review

PeerPressure - App Review

PeerPressure - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Every year all of us make commitments to stop smoking, lose weight, pay down debt, etc.  So what usually happens to those goals… Your right NOTHING.  The new app PeerPressure helps you stick to a commitment.  If you know people around you, like your friends and family, are following your progress your likely to have much better progress accomplishing your goals. PeerPressure works with email and popular social networks to build a virtual support group that cheers you on when you’re doing well.  When first using this app there are 3 easy steps to get started, create a goal, make a group of peers, and update your progress regularly.  PeerPressure is very easy to use and a perfect application to start using before you plan your New Year’s Resolution.


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The PeerPressure™ app works because it’s based on a simple idea: You’re more likely to stick to a commitment if you know your friends and family are following your progress. Behavioral studies confirm it. Now PeerPressure makes it easy to do. PeerPressure works with email and popular social networks to build a virtual support group that cheers you on when you’re doing well and guides you toward the finish line when you get off track.

(1) Create a goal with a deadline by filling out a PeerPressure goal template.

(2) Make a group of peers to be notified when you update your goal. PeerPressure will automatically post your goal status to Facebook, Tweet your followers or send out emails. You choose.

(3) Update your progress regularly. If you forget, PeerPressure will remind you.

Write a book, stop smoking, train for a marathon, pay off a credit card, volunteer more, learn some new jokes… The best way to achieve a personal goal is to create public accountability with PeerPressure.


  • PeerPressure creates a free custom webpage that charts your progress.
  • The app includes a library of over 250 goal templates that you can easily adjust to create your own personal goals.
  • Works seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Once you activate a goal, the reminders sent to you, the notifications sent to your peers, and your goal’s webpage are all updated automatically.
  • Create as many goals as you want. Edit goals. Pause goals. Cancel goals.
  • Attach photos and your own personal message to all your goal updates.
Q: I would never tell the whole world about a personal goal. Can I share it with just one person, like a personal trainer?
A: It’s easy to set up your goal to be as private or public as you want. Share your progress with just one person or automatically publish your goal status to all your friends on Facebook or Twitter. 

Q: Does PeerPressure expose embarrassing information such as my weight or debt?
A: PeerPressure sends updates about your goal in ways that don’t reveal awkward personal information, and the charts show your progress without showing numbers. You can also privately preview your notifications before you make them public.

Q: What if I can’t find a goal template that meets my specific needs?
A: It’s easy to customize a template to turn it into what you want. For example, start with the template “Learn a new language” and change it to “Learn to speak Italian before my trip”.

Q: Can’t I just lie about my progress?
A: PeerPressure works amazingly well if you play by the rules. Yes, it might be tempting to stretch the truth about achieving your goal. But as my first grade teacher Miss Potter warned, “You’d only be hurting yourself.”

Q: What happens if I don’t enter my update to my group of friends?
A: If you ignore the prompt and don’t enter your goal update, a notification will be sent to your friends to let them know you’re not doing what you said you would do. Thus, the power of peer pressure!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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