PDF Connoisseur App Review

PDF Connoisseur App Review

PDF Connoisseur App Review

AppDictions App Review
Are you dreading receiving another PDF document on your iPhone or iPad as a result of the limited file capabilities? PDF Connoisseur has the answer and then some. Developed by Kdan mobile Software LTD, PDF Connoisseur is the most comprehensive iPhone and iPad PDF application we have come across.

Save to PDF is the function which may get used most often; allowing the users to convert a multitude of document types into the ever popular PDF format; however, it is the Text-To-Speech (TTS) feature which I personally find invaluable.  Trying to read through a lengthy document on the iPhone or any device smaller than a traditional monitor can be a real eye strain and a struggle. Problem solved as TTS will read the document aloud to you! Currently English and a couple of other languages are supported, with Chinese along with a few others soon available through in-app purchase. The TTS performs great and really distinguishes this app from others on the market.

PDF Connoisseur provides all of the great utilities we have come to expect from desktop applications, like annotation tools, text editing, sticky notes and more. In addition, you can also pull down documents from multiple cloud storage sites to read, edit or convert at will.

Many users have been clamoring for an app like this, making PDF Connoissuer an essential business app; even at $9.99 it makes a great holiday gift with many offices requiring a $10 holiday gift limit.

iTunes Description
Your Business is NOW in action!
The one and only PDF app you will ever need on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Kdan Mobile proudly presents you PDF Connoisseur that does it all for you – Save to PDF, Text-to-Speech(TTS), PDF form filling, file transfer, annotation, file scanning, and fast rendering speed. With PDF Connoisseur, your space saving iPhone or iPod Touch makes a wonderful replacement for your bulky briefcase.

Spending time reading documents is not only tedious, but is also harmful to your eyes. PDF Connoisseur takes care of this problem by introducing the TTS feature, which reads out loud and clear your selected text in English, German, and French, with other languages including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese available as options for you to purchase in our next update. Bringing mobile reading to the next level, this revolutionary app not only helps you read, it also serves as an exclusive reader that reads for you.

PDF Connoisseur reads a variety of file types other than PDF. With PDF Connoisseur’s “Save to PDF” feature, you can easily convert Word, Excel, Pages and other mainstream documents into PDF within a matter of seconds. With the powerful conversion function, annotations and TTS couldn’t be done any easier.

With PDF Connoisseur, you can grab files from your computer, other applications in your device, and from a massive collection of cloud storage providers, namely Dropbox, iDisk, GoogleDocs, Box.net, and FTP. Furthermore, PDF Connoisseur supports WebDAV integration, with which users can download documents from an existing WebDAV service provider. This feature also allows the iPhone or iPod Touch to function as a WebDAV server, providing convenient file access to other devices.  PDF Connoisseur grants you the authentic mobile file management experience.

Marking documents with PDF Connoisseur is child’s play as you can select a block of text and apply highlight, underline or strikeout according to your needs. Also, PDF Connoisseur lets you make notes in your files with text boxes, sticky notes and freehand drawings.

PDF Connoisseur is designed to meet your career demands at your fingertips. With the robust “Save to PDF” and TTS features, PDF Connoisseur makes one big step ahead of all other alike apps on the market. PDF Connoisseur is no doubt the best solution to condense your time, squeeze out the empty space in your office, and maximize your business performance.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

iPhone App:
PDF Connoisseur - Kdan Enterprise iPhone Edition - Kdan Mobile Software LTD

iPad App:
PDF Connoisseur - Kdan Enterprise iPad Edition - Kdan Mobile Software LTD

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